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  • Hey superfine, When a company only makes tens of millions of dollars of profit on a game they don't have enough money for things like quality checks to make sure what they're putting out there actually works in a game and when they find their own error ( that's a joke they don't actually find their own errors tens of…
  • The best part is that a multi BILLION dollar company named EA created a forum just to answer these types of questions. Let's see how long it takes them to answer such a simple question.
  • EA customer service (over the phone) has directed me here to the forum to get more help on issues like the QB refusing to throw. Only its been more than a month and no one from EA has responded to that thread. Can you even imagine or fathom making hundreds of millions of dollars and pretending not to have the resources to…
  • Gotta admit, never seen anything this bad. The rewards are like a smack in the face to the customer.
  • In different forums on the internet there are dozens of examples that are much more egregious than what you're talking about but when push comes to shove deceptive practices are just that they're deceptive. If they're not illegal there's no grounds to sue. EA's Terms of Service (TOS) allow them to basically do anything…
  • +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 OVR advantage translated means a majority of the time EA is going to THRASH you. I can only assume for having spent so much time, money and energy on a video game. Today I decided to play overdrive mode for the first time in several days and the first match and only match I got to be a +2 0VR…
  • I cannot recall a time where I've seen such a large customer base so ready to spend money on a game and an electronic development game company that for whatever reason has no interest in making the game fun the way all the customers want it to be made fun. It is absolutely extraordinary how badly they've messed up a video…
  • EA makes a video football game where you can score the most touchdowns have the most yards and defensive points and still lose the match and you think they are going to create a new version based more about football and not some fantasy that some EA developer came up with in his sleep? Good luck. I and hundreds of…
  • It's a new Month and 3+ months since this complaint first started among the gamers/customers who play Overdrive. Is it fixed? No. Has the EA online folks responded in this Forum like their EA customer service over the phone said they would? No.
  • I'm rocking around 800,000 coins in Boom or Bust events (primetime and M. F. ) and have pulled nothing but golds. Also, to jump start M. F. I spent all my 13,000 Madden Cash on early M. F. MC packs and got almost all gold players and a couple elites that weren't worth much...so 13,000 MC is worth more than $100 and it…
  • After the promo they will exchange for Training Power. Actually, I'm assuming based only on how prior events were handled. EA has the right to do whatever they want after the event even if it infuriates the consumer. (Like make a Flash Back player with a boost that everyone assumes is team wide so a bunch of folks spend…
  • I wish EA understood for every person like you or I willing to discuss this there's A HUNDRED OTHERS THAT QUIT THE GAME and didn't say anything to them before quitting.
  • Deadslash, no one's OD History is accurate or complete from anyone I know who plays regularly. You'd think the billion dollar bohemoth called EA would have noticed by now.
  • I've had that happen many times from the 20, which seems harsh to me. 30 is just wow, must be made by someone who doesn't understand football, right? The other is complete a short pass 20+ yards lol. Kind of redefining what 'short' is.
  • Just had back to back Overdrive plays where QB wouldn't pass and I HAD ENOUGH TIME TO TRY ANOTHER RECEIVER and still wouldn't pass then got sacked. Then set the phone down and wondered how EA can make a football game that is mechanically broken at the simplest level and yet generate hundreds of millions of dollars. What's…
  • Continue to experience this every day and keep wondering why EA continues to add new content when their game is broken. This issue is SO WIDELY EXPERIENCED THAT'S ITS BECOME a meme in forums and joked about by anyone steadfast enough to continue to play OD.
  • Lost 2 more games this morning due to my QB under NO pressure not passing...
  • It has been a known error for more than a month and experienced regularly by most people that play. The problem is no one can get EA to do anything about it. So complain on the forum is their customer service response yet no one from EA will admit in the forum that it's an error or if anything is being done.
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