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  • This is getting to be ridiculous. Spend so much time just to get into it to DLor UL a file, currently trying to DL right now, only for this stupid thing to keep giving me the error at the end. I'm about done w/ this game. This is pathetic. Billion dollar company, can't even make a working game. I so wish we had another sim…
  • Not the only one. I get this on PS4. Trying to work on rosters for my league has been a nightmare b/c of how the game limits base rosters, and the fact u gotta figt the servers to connect, and then DL or UL a file.
  • Ok, this is kind of a thing that also pertains to rosters and ratings, so I'll post there as well, but having a way to dump the base rosters to FA, in order to place ppl on rosters for franchise would be awesome. My league prides itself on making things as close as the real game as possible, which includes making our…
  • @The-Sporty-Hero Sad part is, we had stumbled recovery like 5 yrs ago. The constant bringing back, and taking out features gets annoying. I am certainly inclined to agree though, this, along w/ throw out of sack r features we need, and not things that should be taken out. My main gripe w/ throw out of sack is I'd u have…
  • @acbrocat Tried messaging u, but ur settings don't permit it. Sent u a friend request.
  • @joshpalm3r U r missing 1 #. Search Ryan_W29#6158 send me a message or friend request.
  • @joshpalm3r What is the #and 4 numbers after ur username?
  • @joshpalm3r Do u have discord?
  • Any time. I do like the basis to ur ideas, just a matter of logistics that the new team would have to do as to not get this series taken out like the old one. I mean if they r able to add likenesses as some point, I've got a whole system setup for the groups just to he paid. And they make enough $ where it should be more…
  • Yeah, but what u aren't understanding there is they can't use names or likenesses to actual players, so they'd all have to be generic. It's the only way a fantasy styled anything could work, UNLESS, rules change for players to be allowed to be paid for likeness in the game. That was the issue at hand last go around w/ the…
  • As long as it was separate from the actual dynasty, I'd be ok w/ that. Or some sort of toggle option.
  • They'd add more known players over lesser known college talent. And even then, again, unless it is a past player, I don't see a current player being part of the cover (at least as of now). In keeping w/ ur idea, I could see brackets setup to vote, using Heismans of past, college legends, if u go lesser known college…
  • @The-Sporty-Hero I'd sort of be surprised if they have a real college player on the cover due to the current NCAA rules. Maybe one of the teams that r in, or possibly coaches, but that's about it atm.
  • @EA_Blueberry Hopefully they do something as creatively free as teambuilder in the least. I used to have a ton of uploads for my teams. Recreated a lot of movie and TV teams, along w/ the AFL at the time. But I've got a ton of ideas for the game that'd make it solid as all hell.
  • @kennylc76 I agree, prob will be, but all we can do is hope. In a perfect world, the college game would be the same as the old NCAA series, to at least start w/.
  • Allowing to bring 2 extra ppl into franchise, who don't play, but who can look at stats/transactions, to be media roles for ur league if u stat track, etc.
  • @EA_Blueberry I understand they r still working, but that's not the issue at hand. Like trades were basically fine from any other player standpoint, except wanting too much to get QBs, which rightfully so considering QBs r the NFL. Oline and kicking being issues as well b/c EA seems to make them feel worthless, let's be…
  • @bbrewer23goblue Yeah, that's my issue, I can't stand MUT and the only feature I truly care for is franchise. I already do enough to combat the incompetence of Madden's logic, but this is just beyond real. @EA_Blueberry We did an extensive check to figure it all out. For instance, if 1 of the 2 users plays their game for…
  • So running tests, any trade Madden deems "unfit" between users, automatically gets declined. Just for the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 of it, I threw a 7th Rd to a user for Rodgers, it got autodeclined, yet when I gave him a 1, 2, and Gilmore for Adams, it was easily accepted. Like how??? 🤬🤬🤬 Who thinks of these mechanics and who in the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 in…
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