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  • You start your Franchise mode and you pick your team. Each team is different whether it be a Championship caliber team or contender, hopefull, on the cusp, Rebuilding team. Depending on the team you’ve chosen and that information your goals are going to be different so shouldn’t your goals be different and be contract…
  • Yeah I think NHL should really take a little from Madden, NBA, MLB, FIFA, they have some great things in their version of Franchise modes.
  • Exactly, and also I play MLB the show and I love seeing how people rate players or their 2004 rosters, always interesting to see where hockey fans are at with these kinds of things
  • They need to add a roster share function, so people who do change the roster around for realism sake or whatever can share with other players
  • They need to add some logic to the AI for salary dumps, like if I’m Detroit and am dumping Datsyuks contract, there is going to have to be incentive for them to take it on like a 1st round pick or prospect etc.
  • HUT Not sure what EA is planning on doing in NHL19 but it'd be awesome to see them team up with upper deck for hut, have real cards, rookie cards, throwback cards, special cards, instead of their cards, have just players from all the years, would be a heck of an idea Franchise - Real insiders from NBC, Sportsnet, NHL -…
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