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  • I tend to agree that the drain is too severe, at least vs AI. It may be totally different if you consider "online cheese" vs other humans were people are spamming body shot or whatever this online meta seems to be, I have long since given up on fighting games online, especially ones like this that have such cheese tactics…
  • I don't see an actual poll? I am not a fan of this system at all, I recently changed to "simple submission" but I am yet to try it out, I am hoping its better than this "Gates Mini Game" I honestly much prefered the "SPAM B BUTTON" or mashing techniques. Having to watch a mario party mini game takes away from the action,…
  • I am having the same issue in career mode, I can land several MASSIVE shots on my brawler and they go into that "fall down but cant jump on them animation" and over and over I cant get a finish. I get a takedown, and land 2 punches from guard and I get a knockout. Seems much easier to get a GNP finish from Gaurd then it…
  • Hello, I have played about 8 hours of career mode using EA Access. So that is were my experience comes from. I have the same issues as the above poster. Its very staged and staggered. You have to play through contracts that end in a "rival" Fight. I was 19-2 ( I think ) with 19 finishes before I finally got my Title fight…
  • Are you saying its a good thing that Madden alters Db/WR interactions so that DB's are just as good at playing balls / Catching Balls/ Targetting balls as Wide outs?
  • it clearly says, under the impression of a catch. I am not talking about swatted balls, dropped balls, miss timed plays etc. I am saying if you throw a jump ball... and lets suppose it is caught..... 80% of the time its the WR who makes a catch, not a DB. The dbs are focused on playing the receiver, and or playing the…
  • I believe the NFL does not count a sack as a Tackle for a Loss. So i think this challenge just follows suit. They have changed the challenge on the card, so should be easier now.
  • They changed the card apparently. Its 1 tackle for a loss and 1 INT now... Now 30 tfl and a 40 yard int. Still hard to get an INT with a 75 Pass rushing ROLB tho.
  • Haha dirt cheap was not meant directly, it was meant in comparison to what the market was previously at. I to, did not like having these "amazing players" with 70 overall stats. That is why I am not into these team leader cards, or kick off cards. Why do I want a 70 Julio Jones, when in Play Now he is a 95+ and in MUT he…
  • Very easy solution ( well not super easy but pretty straight forward ) Go to your Item Binder... Go over the item you want to sell - Hit LB - it brings up ONLY THAT CARD on the block, - Organize by BUY NOW price, - Hit Back and then auction that card.
  • I was saying, they use the term 50/50 ball were by a ball is thrown into the air for a JUMP ball between a receiver and a DB. In reality, the expectation if we assume its a catch.... The WR would make 80% of catches and the DB would make 20% of catches presumably in a REAL NFL situation. This is not to include any drops.…
  • Yep I agree with this also,been having a TON of injuries in Franchise and I am kinda like.... but how.... Not being able to see it makes it seem rather "random" which I mean injuries are, but it cant be this many off contact injuries going on.
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