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  • When the cpu wants to score their blocking is immaculate
  • https://youtu.be/c3x5F33uJx0 I have plenty of videos like this about All-Madden.. its just insane how un-realistic the game becomes at this difficulty level.. Whats worst is when you have a drive going and then randomly you fumble.. yesterday in my online Franchise the score is 13-0 Dallas in the 3rd quarter i am driving…
  • The frustration is not from losing is in the matter in which one loses.. again when the cpu scores a running touchdown... usually all my linemen, linebackers, are all laid out flat on the ground and the last line of defense is usually a safety or corner and they are about to make the play when they get sucked into a…
  • I just lost a game in all-madden.. i was up 14 points with 3 minutes left in the fourth... Look how the game ended... Stafford has the ball he comes out in 4WR set.. i come out in Quarter i control the MLB and i cover over the top, and R2 to emphasize the pass.. now Stafford throws it to the outside receiver and Cromartie…
  • https://youtu.be/Alx-REkd8io This is what I mean about the ****... how is my whole defensive line flat on the floor, he broke the tackle in the backfield, but he runs into my guy laying on the floor a true physics engine would have had him trip and fall face down... this is where the frustration comes from.
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