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  • They messed up the pitch play I don't know why they changed it ..To me it's extra slow & the fake FB dive HB toss the QB just hold the ball SMH
  • Why does it seem like you can only get pressure out of the 3-4 I see plenty of NFL teams play 4-3 and get pressure ..I have M.Garrett & K. Mack as my ends & in 8-9 games get a total of 4 sacks between them I going against KC off. lines they have 1 count them 1 good off. linemen the guy I play against pass the ball 40 times…
  • The SUPER USER MLB is ridiculous I'd never seen one player cover 5 routes at one time the creative team at EA for Madden try to make the game as real as possible this isn't close to real no one in the NFL can cover 5 players at once ..(yes this is a game) but still they never get tired they cover slants, drags, streaks ,…
  • Here's my take on some of the things you 2 have said user linebackers are killing the game for me, simply because they never get tired ..rating at some point has to matter other wise don't have them ..they can run all over the field cover three of four routes at the same time.. agility remember that rating the ability to…
  • Can you fix the toss plays every toss plays seem slow & in single back trips you guys to the toss play out ...why?
  • I under throw every pass unless i have a WR wide open then B.Mayfield over throws it I can't win & then every hard hit is a fumble even when covering the ball up
  • I agree 100% I'm still in game making adjustments from last year controls you can use the dpad for new things
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