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  • Franchise and just played another game versus the Jets, any guess how many fumbles Jamal Adams forced this game?
  • In my opinion, Madden 12 was the last true good Madden and I think you should bring loyal fans of the game mode to address the feature the franchise so desperately needs and I think you should bring people who truly know the Xs and Os of football to address the gameplay issues the entire game needs.
  • Don’t shoot me but I’m a Pats fan and I was using James White and to my knowledge he has fumbled ONCE his entire career yet in ONE game he fumbled 3 times and all of these game of passes up the middle which would probably be ruled incomplete but Madden isn’t that complex because these animations are scripted almost. It’s…
  • Outside of franchise missing so many keys aspect of running a franchise like DC and OCs, the gameplay is awful. Just got done playing the Jets and Jamal Adams had 5 forced fumbles, and it’s happened to before as well he’s way overpowered. I had my first returned FG and EA counts it as a fumble recovery... I feel bad for…
  • Where’s the updates for franchise? MUT gets a whole new season, meanwhile franchise has seen no additions throughout the whole year, nothing but fixes.
  • Kyle Shanahan destroyed Madden. When you have a football genius who doesn’t understand how to play the game you should take a hint the people who make the game may need to adjust the Xs and Os, there’s very little to no true game planning in Madden, the only game planning you can do through Franchise is the scenario engine…
  • @EA_Blueberry The games broke. I’ve lost my X-Factor after fumbles that were overturned. I intercepted a pass and on the return the DB fumbled out of bounds, it was reviewed for some reason, they reversed the fumble but it was still my ball only it was second down despite the fact I hadn’t ran an offensive play yet and my…
  • @The-Sporty-Hero you mean Madden 19 3.0
  • I don’t know what it is, enforcer or reinforcement but Jamal Adams and CJ Mosley are way to over powered, 6 forced fumbles in one game, ridiculous! They should make these skills to make players individualistic and stand out instead of just being an overall based off numbers but at the same time Jamal Adams has never forced…
  • I’m having increasingly frustrating issues with gameplay and all I play is Franchise. Today, I intercepted a pass but on the return my FS fumbled the ball out of bounds, and then either the booth or CPU challenge the fumble, it was overturned and instead of overturning the fumble it overturned the CLEAR interception that…
  • Yeah I agree with you those would all be great additions to Madden 21 but I was talking about updates to this game. Considering MUT gets updates every other day and other games get big additions you’d franchise would get some love as well but throughout the whole year nothing really significant at all other than problems…
  • I think if Madden progressed at the same rate NBA 2K did fans would be ecstatic! Right now if I wanted to run a franchise with MJ’s Bulls, Kobe/Shaq Lakers, and the Big 3 Miami Heat! I could do it. Imagine taking that idea of being able to play with the greatest NFL teams of all time and being able to put them up H2H or…
  • @koolkev258 he’s definitely trolling.
  • @LiamLander he pointed out something very obvious and true, half the features we ask for were already once in Madden. If they were approved before why are they no longer in the game? And an EA employee wants to squash MUT?! Sorry don’t believe you but I hope you aren’t lying.
  • I like a lot of your ideas and I have seen several others ask for the same exact things. For franchise: •Weekly Wrap Up Show •Assistant coaches/Coordinators •Create-a-playbook in franchise w/formation subs •Add compensatory picks •Change the draft/Fix AI drafting logic •All new scouting system •Add a playable Senior Bowl…
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