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  • Never mind what humans are doing. When there is a logical problem in the AI's programming, then it is a problem regardless of what humans do or don't do. Sure you can skate around the problem (see what I did there) but it doesn't mean the problem can go away. It needs to be fixed. Just start the game and put AI vs AI and…
  • But how dynamic can you argue it to be when it is incredibly predictable? How dynamic is it that on every rush near your goalie, your AI D man will hit the brakes and skate a step forward clearly giving a free pass to the slot? How many top shelf snipes happen from the face off circles? How many bh, fh, bh breakaways are a…
  • He isn't really saying it is scripted. If you read between the lines, it is more in line with the game being predictable and in single player modes, the AI tends to follow very familiar patterns, as if they are reading a script, if that makes sense.
  • Well, I guess when you put it that way, it's definitely a way to look at it.
  • I don't agree. Yes, it's AI so it is inevitable they will have predictable patterns. But, that is also to your advantage as you can predict most times what they will do. For example, when I see an AI trying to carry the puck across my blue line, I line him up and lace into him knowing full well he will dump the puck just…
  • No, I agree that forward had no business picking up a puck that is behind him while he is skating away from it. I feel pass interceptions are ok for the most part. Lanes still feel a little clogged despite seeing other players hustling around trying to intercept passes. I totally agree that if you are not facing the puck,…
  • Decent list. I like it.
  • There is only one way it can be debated. This is a byproduct of these new puck pickup animations. It was the same for the overpowered pass interceptions. I think we will see this easily for the next year or 2. Or should I say, for the rest of this console's cycle.
  • This brought a tear to my eye. Awesome response.
  • Ok, cool. At least we know they are aware. Thanks for looking into this.
  • Whatever sim aspects this game tries to reproduce are simply cancelled out by all the "arcadism". Ever see an NHL player not take a hit because he was in the middle of an animation? Not me. Goalies are simply terrible in this game as they have no balance. As Venom said, they can consistently rob you on one-timers yet flub…
  • Standard PS4. I have had this issue so far back that I would guess since launch, but I cannot guarantee that. Another thing I have noticed, and this happens every single game. After the game is done and I am back to my class and position selection, my avatar is mixed with another player's avatar. For example, during the…
  • I don't really see why people use the "it happens in real hockey too" argument when the game's goalies are not even close to being as intuitive or agile as their real-life counterparts and also how offensive ratings and skills are inflated for 4 minute periods. I can rub out a player on the boards, and so can NHL players.…
  • Yea I could easily see why you see it that way.
  • I didn't go to any extremes to get my point across and if more people did that, then eventually there wouldn't be any extremes to go to, but I digress. I see your point and can agree to it, but I don't understand why you took time to explain to me why they game isn't out to get me or give me a loss when I specifically said…
  • I see major stuttering when I get launched into the ready up screen in EASHL where you see all the players. It is insane and has been like this for months.
  • I didn't know Obama worked for EA now. Hmm. Interesting.
  • First off, if you are playing the faceoff and when the puck drops you don't see your player move? That's lag and you need to execute your play sooner. You will have to modify alot based on timing alone from game to game. Once you get the timing for the duration of that game, then focus on the faceoff strategy itself, such…
  • CR is the worst possible rating system for a game that involves up to 12 different players. It should only be used for solo modes like vs and HUT. And I totally agree it should be hidden to every other player.

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