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  • It would be great if we there was an EXCEL document like this with bantam players selected in the WHL, OHL and QMJHL drafts not yet included in the CHL. Along with all the exact details on how to create them. Right now I create everyone within the BE A PRO parameters depending on their ages.
  • Totally agree! I mean, I enjoy creating all these players, customizing equipment...but it would save time when I create hundreds of players.
  • You said you are "capped out on making anymore draft players" I didn't know there was a limit to the number of players we are allowed to create?!?! :-( I downloaded the roster that had the most DL's The description was fantastic with all the updated draft picks etc. But I wanted to create my own player, along with family…
  • it's a great game!
  • for sure, a roster share would be awesome. i think my #1 reason for wanting that feature would be for a few friends of mine, who enjoy having created players, but don't really like creating very many, or don't have much time, or knowledge to do so.
  • All BE A PRO characters should be allowed to play in any league such as the SHL, LIIGA, CZECH, DEL etc. We also should be allowed to select any current player or created player on any roster to control in BE A PRO mode. Even if it's a veteran nearing the end of his career we should be allowed to control that player. For…
  • wait until your CHL players are eligible to play pro in the AHL then assign him to your AHL team
  • i think Sam Reinhart still has his pic from his Kootenay Ice Days in the WHL. Same pic as he had on NHL 13 when he was a 16 hear old eligible for the 2013 draft on NHL 13. HAHAHA
  • thanks. i've done quite a bit of scouting, but not like that. i've been looking at their profiles in their CHL teams and European teams complete with all the attributes and vital information.
  • Very interesting to read this. I'm waiting until the final roster update is released this spring before playing my franchise mode. In the meantime I'm creating as many players as I can. I create everyone within the BE A PRO rookie parameters, affiliate them with NHL teams and assign them to CHL teams. I was able to create…

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