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  • I like the Madden soundtrack. Last year's was better, but this one is pretty good. I just wish there was an exploit to get it to stop censoring the songs. Some of us are adults and can handle swear words.
  • Press X like you would to snap it (or A on Xbox), then that line will go up the meter, press X/A again when it gets to the line that's near the top, you can go over it by a little for extra power, but if you don't hit it by the time it hits the top,…
  • A couple more: *When I'm running the ball, if the offensive lineman has no one to block, he'll strafe in front of me to prevent me from running in the open gap. *Sometimes the game plays by college rules for being down, usually on turnovers. If yo…
  • I've noticed this too occasionally, on PS4. I also find it happens for the CPU on most kickoffs and punts.
  • @NatureBoy2323 , is there a thread or a forum where you keep known bugs? I'd like to be able to post there. Also, not waste my time getting screenshots or videos of issues that EA is already aware of. The last thing you need is people complaining…
  • @caseyboy1977 , that sucks. Mine would reset to the center of the screen, but usually only at the beginning of each quarter, not constantly. IT was annoying, but not that much. I did switch to PS4 because I feel the PC was just a really bad port …
  • *Intentional grounding doesn't work. (this has been an issue for at least 3 years) *Hail Mary Trips is a suggested play for 1st and Goal from the 2. *At half time, you sometimes switch end zones, sometimes you don't. *Every turnover returned for a T…
  • I'm not sure if this is what you're saying, but if you backed out before selecting the player, just go to the "Store" page and go to "Unopened Packs", they'll all be there.
  • For what mode? If you are playing Franchise, in the options there is a setting for "Pre-Existing Injuries". If it's on, it'll use any injuries existing in the NFL. If off, all players will be healthy.
  • But their WR is always open above your DBs. Yeah, I know. There are so many issues like that.
  • Same thing happened to me. I just took my mouse and moved it to the lower right corner, you can't see it if it's down there.
  • Since he's not an active player, he's not a member of the NFLPA, so legally they cannot use his name. That was the problem with the sing where they censored his name. It wasn't political. The developers just thought that since they couldn't use h…
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