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  • CFL and XFL, finding out EA's making a college game and integrating it could definitely make the definitive football experience
  • NCAA (FBS and FCS) and league/team customization
  • NCAA, USHL and KHL. NCAA just awarded right for players to profit from their name. USHL and KHL, doesn’t make sense why they haven’t bought the licenses already?! 9 players from the USHL were drafted in the first round last year
  • Adding NCAA FBS, AAF and CFL. Also be able to create teams and roster share them online. Switch version. And sooner or later adding European leagues. CFL partnered with 9 countries and now 18 Europeans are going to be in the CFL combine. With prospects and minors it would be a definitive football experience. Kind of Road…
  • Truthfully, with USHL, I’d prefer NCAA over it just cause the USHL draft prospects usually go there
  • This is national teams: FIBA World Cup Qualifier Teams Africa - Tunisia - Cameroon - Chad - Guinea - Nigeria - Rwanda - Mali - Uganda - Angola - Egypt - Morocco - DR Congo - Senegal - Central African Republic - Ivory Coast - Mozambique Americas - Argentina - Uruguay - Panama - Paraguay - Venezuela - Brazil - Chile -…
  • This is the list I have for leagues: Euroleague Tier 1 ⁃ Spain ⁃ Italy ⁃ France ⁃ Turkey ⁃ Russia (VTB) ⁃ Adriatic (former Yugoslavia) ⁃ Israel ⁃ Greece ⁃ Germany ⁃ Lithuania Tier 2 ⁃ Poland ⁃ Czech Republic ⁃ Belgium ⁃ Latvia / Estonia ⁃ Bulgaria ⁃ Finland ⁃ Denmark ⁃ Hungary ⁃ Romania ⁃ Ukraine Tier 3 ⁃ Austria ⁃ Cyprus…
  • I’ve been asking the same thing via 2k though. I also thought college leagues. I have a big list if you want to see
  • Tell that to NHL, they have Europe leagues, minor leagues and junior leagues. It won’t ruin anything, you have prospects, minors, etc.
  • CFL, AAF and FBS would be good. Then go with more international leagues like the European Leagues and Mexican League and the FCS.
  • What about the lower Europe leagues? Slovakia, Belarus, Norway, UK, Denmark, France, and Poland. Also the Div 1 national teams. Div 1A: Belarus, Korea, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania Div 1B: Poland, Japan, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Netherlands Whichever Countries that aren't currently in the game.
  • Maybe how they get NCAA is they do something similar to how they got the CHL leagues. Or maybe not do NCAA but get the licence for the conferences instead.
  • *sigh* Well why doesn't EA call it the KHL in Russia and everyone else it's NHL, kinda like how country's use a national player for their cover, idk. Either that or maybe KHL and NCAA grow up a bit.
  • Well I’ll tell EA to get their horses on getting the licenses cause we want it and we’re the ones that buy the games.
  • Definitely Nintendo switch version
  • You know with the adding leagues, which Europe leagues should be added (KHL aside)?
  • Who knows how much confidence Vancouver has for this year, right it currently stands the best they can get is a wild card, Pacific’s top 3 are 13 points ahead. So who knows how much it’s worth to take a year from his contract.
  • Who knows these days with high draft picks, Cale Makar is still in the NCAA and we was 4th overall in 2017. Maybe Jack Hughes chooses Michigan?
  • I think the tough thing with USHL is that the prospects who get drafted from it go to college anyways instead of the nhl. USHL is kinda like the Canadian Junior A Hockey Level. So NCAA would be in a way more favorable.
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