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  • please let weather/crowd matter, it's one of the biggest parts of football- refs-coin toss please please put in or back in the game,"if it's in the game it's in the game!!!
  • weather needs to matter!!! bring back the refs-coin toss, vision cone or what I put in year ago was like they have in mlb the show picher, with either blue line(lob) or red(bullet) which is controlled by the trigger or rt-button, this could be preset before the hike with the play art, or come out of it after the hike, but…
  • bring back the vision cone, this push button system is to simple for and game where skill should be a factor!!! this could change with crowd and weather which needs to matter in every home team. Practice will matter and style , I know people didnt like the cone but you knew what the Qb was looking at and if you were the Qb…
  • I'm back- and yes "BRING BACK THE VISION CONE" rally!!!!! read a commit about the screen shaking, I do believe this would this would work with FG visitor teams instead of the stupid ice freeze screen that changes from whats been going on all game and then disappears from the screen,I never like or understood this , make in…
  • Bring back the vision cone, this game should not be a simple push button passing game, look off the def, or on def be able to look where the qb eyes are, weather and crowd rookie qb,need to be a factor in football, this could be included as well. Would be great to play with a qb that you need to practice with to know how…
  • With the passing arch, set and throw a fade in the corner of the endzone where only my guy can catch . (P.P.P-pin point passing!!!!!) continue from old text!!!make passing a challenge or at least fun, have the same lines like in the kicking game or(mlb the show pitcher) red for bullet blue for lob, you could preset before…
  • I totally agree with Chiefs fan, been a Raider for well over 40 years, crowd -atmosphere-should matter!!! have I mention weather!!! passing arch!!! pregame - please halftime ,what we have now is boring(NBA 2K!!!) EA sports please make this game what I know you can do, "if it's in the game, it's in the GAME!!!!
  • 1-weather needs to be factor,please read my post on passing arch, I truly believe this can make passing fun and practice our timing with WR's. 2-Bring back coin flip 3-Set cfm to the same time quarters that I'm playing, computer teams stats are crazy compared to mine 4-When playing in cfm with a league and only ten teams…
  • make passing a challenge or at least fun, have the same lines like in the kicking game or(mlb the show pitcher) red for bullet blue for lob, you could preset before the snap for an down and out or corner the endzone. right analog would controll the lines, right trigger(lob)right button(bullet) but the lines would follow…
  • weather has to be a factor in passing-running-kicking-catching-blocking-ect!!!!! if it's in the game, it's.......
  • make passing fun, maybe with the lines like in the kicking but with passing,with bullet (red-R3-1 button) or touch pass(blue-R3 trigger) you could angle,high-low in front-behind,look off recievers, change recievers by pushing other buttons, circle-trangle-ect(ps4) weather could factor(wind), rookie qb,crowd,shaking the…
  • and on the red/blue lines it would be the same if you didn't move the left thumb control would hit receiver in the numbers, like it does now,but with total control passing and be able to move the qb
  • I've been wanting to write ea about have the passing like the kicking with the red for bullet and blue lines for lob, you could circle with the icons but have left trigger for lob , left button for bullet, move from receiver with icons, but still be able to move around qb, also like kicking, weather or crowd(ncaa) could…
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