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  • To add more specifics to this play, pass interference was called on the CB, but the safety intercepted the ball. It was the first time I had ever seen PI called when the play resulted in an interception, so I assume this confused the CPU.
  • Why do rbs run sideways!!! It's my biggest complaint. I call a FB dive because the CPU kicked a perfect punt to my own 1 yard line, so I call a FB dive, and my FB runs sideways and gets a safety!!! There's 30 yards of open field infront of him. Goodness's gracious the language I wish I could use!!! Fix this one thing and…
  • Haters hate. I for one am enjoying this game more and more every year recently. They really are making progress towards simulation football. Some people just don't understand the definition of simulation. They want what they want, not helmet slamming, clip board throwing, stressful, analytical FOOTBALL. P.s. Play calling…
  • I had 2 of my 3 rbs injured in one game, out for 4-6 games. I signed another from free agency and he was injured for the season his first game. What happens if my one and only RB gets injured the next game? I can't sub anyone else at that position... Would it break the game or is my last RB immune from injury? I'm curious…
  • "psychic defense" doesn't seem to be as bad... Sure the cpu does seem to know what play I'm calling most of the time, but it does feel like every now and then if I set it up right, I can actually fool the defense by passing out of a run formation or running out of a passing formation. Couldn't run at all when I first…
  • Sometimes they cover the flats in cover 2... When there's no one there and they abandon the mid/deep pass leaving the receiver wide open. I wish I could complete passes against zone like the CPU does. They find holes in the zone so easily, because my players don't react. I mainly play man to man and blitz a lot. Yet when…
  • P.s. they do need to tone down the super linebackers. The game is far from perfect. I just like where it's going. But I'm a fan of low scoring defensive games.
  • It's just impossible to surprise the defense in any way. They always know what's coming. Worst in any Madden game yet.
  • I have injuries every other play. Most are minor, which is realistic I guess... But makes for a long game since there's a time out every other play.
  • Unfortunately it will never happen. Madden should never be a yearly release, the only reason it is, is so they can make $60 per copy. They would never do anything that would reduce sales of new games. Would it make customers happy? Absolutely. But they wouldn't make as much money. And that's all that matters...…
  • Must be a PS4 thing. Definitely not an issue on Xbox. Just noticed title says Xbox... Lol. Loud as heck on mine.
  • Tackling sounds like two semi's colliding. Always been this way. I turn my surround sound off and use tv speakers whenever I play Madden cause the sound is so over the top unrealistic. Don't know why they can't use the same sound effects they have during practice. That sounds realistic.
  • Mlb spying should not be able to jump and catch a lob pass thrown 30 yards down field. That's absolutely ridiculous. He was 20 yards in front of my receiver. Insanity.
  • Because they recycle old code for "new" games. That's why things come and go and are brought back later as "new". This game is not new. It's an older version with better graphics.
  • It's downright hilarious how wide open CPU players are when they run a curl route. Yet I haven't even attempted a curl route in 5 years. Lol. The CPU defenders curl before my receivers do. The disparity between CPU and player A.I. is horrendous.
  • Funny how NCAA had more weather options, and you could choose the temperature. How was this possible on an old console, yet still not brought over to the latest generation? I'd love to play in fridged temperatures with no snow, or 100° heat and humidity in Florida.
  • Have you ever not kicked off first? I have never ever received the opening kick. That's my question. Is it possible to not get your first choice?
  • I'm pretty sure he meant as the QB, how do you stop the play action animation if you see a blitz coming quickly. I remember years ago this was a new feature. I figured they took it out just so they could add it back as new again later.
  • I usually call a vertical passing play out of shotgun then audible to inside zone run on 3rd and short. Usually works, but I feel like I'm cheating cause it's a cheesy way to do it. I'd rather line up in a goal line formation and have my big guys block, but as you said, it simply doesn't work that way. My average yardage…
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