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  • 4/25/18 Case #: 40725139 5/3/18 Case #: 40949943 5/4/18 Case #1: 40949943 5/4/18 Case #2: 40984396 5/10/18 Case #: 40949943 5/11/18 Case #1: 41183179 5/11/18 Case #2: 26489106 5/12/18 Case #1: 40949943 5/12/18 Case #2: 41204177 5/17/18 Case #: 26579…
  • Just starting my Playoff Game... Please don’t kick me off now... If so I will post a complaint
  • P.S. I been signed out of EA connection numerous times but my PSN Network Connection has been checked I’m NOT Signed Out... You’re really starting to upset me
  • Eastern Time to Central Time, Eastern is 1 Hour Ahead... Ummm It’s not past 11pm Central it’s now 8:40pm Eastern so 7:40pm Central but you don’t accept my Phone Calls!?!? Today is Saturday you ARE Available 8am-11pm Central so you got 3 Hours & …
  • Same Issue... What’s going on here?!?!?! Sorry I’m competitive & would like to achieve my Objectives... No Response & my Phone # appears Blocked I just called Saturday before 7pm Eastern Time Central Time is a Hour Earlier & Open until 1…
  • Same Issue Occurs, Still Today... Any Changes & Ability To Achieve Sequences & Team Leader Sets Available?
  • I’ve made numerous Phone Calls over time & the Issues still continue. How long until this is planned to be repaired? Or am I the Only User dealing with these in Game Issues?
  • I have Images on my Phone to prove this but the upload Photo selection to far Right when Selected says ‘Image URL’ I wouldn’t mind retaking a Photo or if Image Box would let me submit Photos to prove this Issue
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