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  • Speed is everything in this game. Besides having a QB with 93+ throwing power (to fit in the windows), speed is the essence of Madden. All of my DB's have 80+ MC. My safeties are converted DB's with high strength, tackling and 80+ MC. All my LB's are minimum 89-90 speed with minimum 90-92 acceleration. My DE's are…
  • Thanks Kennylc76. So that is what a troll is!! I am old so it takes a little time to catch on to the lingo.
  • Why all the negativity? I just relayed what happened. I don't know anything about a commish. I play offline franchise as the owner, that's it. If you cut someone, you can resign them anytime in FA. You don't have to wait until week 3. I appreciate your opinion, even with the negative tone. I reported what happened to me.…
  • One other thing I have noticed, whenever controlling the kickoff or punt returner, he gets happy and puts the ball in the air like he just returned it for a TD. But this happens when he is at the start of the return so of course he fumbles. There is even some dialog in the background like he took it to the house!! To…
  • I do my formation subs in the coaches section PS4 offline franchise, works well!!! My main problem is the choppiness. Especially on kickoffs. When I hit the kick meter, sometimes the screen will hesitate and the kick is all jacked up. Also, do we have do we stats yet for pregame player comparisons or does it still say test…
  • I am in the same boat Sylver, I am 62, but love my offline CFM!!!! I pony up my $60 every year to be the owner of my fantasy football team and run my team the way I want. Usually after the real team has mucked up the process by making foolish moves in the off-season. Except this year!! Chase Young BABY!!!! I had a kick-off…
  • I also want to thank whomever that was that shared the Q Nelson trade issue. I got a 94 overall guard for a 3 round pick and a couple of mid 60 overall guys and two years left on his deal!!! Excellent trade logic!!!
  • Not only that, You can't change direction and the only time the WR's block is if the CB's are in bump & run coverage. If the defense is stacked to the RPO side, I just change the play. I like running the stretch from I formation, the RPO ruined changing direction.
  • Hold on now, I am 61 and play my franchise almost everyday. I am already in year 3 of my franchise and I am enjoying the game. By no means is it a perfect video game, but on the other hand I have adjusted to what is presented. I was all up in arms over going straight to the LOS after play selection, but I adjusted and now…
  • Yep, I will by Madden every year till I die or the NFL and NFLPA endorses another game.
  • For problem 1, go into settings and turn off instant-starter. For problem 2, got into settings and set all team transactions to user controlled only. Otherwise the CPU handles all team transactions which could trade or cut players you may want to keep. I play off-line franchise as the owner with the Redskins.
  • I play off-line franchise and it stays like that until I change it, not sure about online.
  • Formation Subs under Coach panel.
  • The same thing happens to me. Yes, I went into settings and turned it off, but the clock still accelerates in off-line franchise mode.
  • There are no referees or huddle? In Franchise Mode?
  • That is one of the reason's I have stayed single. So I can do what I want to do when I want to do it. I will pick the game up from Best Buy at 10am. Go to work, leave about 1pm, get home and load the game in. While it's going through firmware updates, I will get the grill fired up. Once the updates are done, I will get my…
  • Better change the RB or TE assignment to pass block on pre-snap read.
  • On defense, check to make sure the player control is not on a corner. I always put the control on a DE, although I do not use it. If the control is on a DB, he will just stand there looking goofy and the WR will run right past him.
  • I play off-line franchise, all-pro and led the league in sacks three years in a row. I am in my fifth franchise year, week 11 and Preston Smith already has 19 sacks. Had 72 total team sacks last year alone!!! One other note, I don't control anyone on Defense, it's all attribute driven.
  • It is second worse, M13 was the worst by far!!! I am trying to work with M19, but the problems are numerous. Backs that cut back instead of running to the open lane, having to call timeouts because half the D-line shifts to the sideline instead adjusting to my controller input. After seeing the CPU run a WR screen where…
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