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  • Eh. Meh. Not sure I would say fun. I got the game on release date and I have yet to be able to sit down and play and entire game from start to finish because I'm bored with the game. But glad someone is having fun
  • I agree. It seems that for years, when you adjust the fumble sliders, it only affects the QBs.
  • Are you trying to tell us that Madden 06 is better because of that radio show thing? Don't get me wrong... if that's how you feel then umm. OK.
  • Sigh... I have no comments for this nonsense.
  • Have you tried putting him as the #1 slot WR position?
  • Depends on the situation. I will typically use concepts when I know I want to call a screen pass but formations for everything else.
  • Thanks. After I wrote it, I went back to that page and saw that.
  • I say it sounds good. But now I have another question/comment... does this apply to the PS4 version as well? It was my intention on having the new system this summer but since there appears to be a world wide shortage, I don't know when that's going to happen.
  • Honestly, you'd simply get the canned response: "Our team understands the passion of our fans. We continue to value the input of our fans as we seek to improve our product blah, blah, blah"
  • Deleted
  • No. It is not banned by the NFL. I hear that excuse often and it makes 0 sense at all. Think about it: The NFL will allow me to relocate the Broncos to, say, Portland, but only allow me to either keep the name Broncos or choose from one of 3 team names assigned to Portland because the "Portland Knights" will hurt their…
  • If I am understanding @acovspadez correctly, it drives me crazy as well. You have a receiver two steps ahead of the defender and you launch the ball. Instead if leading the receiver, instead what you get is a jump ball situation. Similar situation... you have a receiver running a shallow cross against man coverage. Instead…
  • Oh thank God they fixed the socks. Now what's next on the list?
  • I am not sure how they could possibly implement this. I see people on these forums make posts like "my favorite player should be a 92." They offer no rhyme or reason... they just pull a number out of their rear. This is one area where you just don't want too many cooks in the kitchen. The bigger thing is that the ratings…
  • More importantly, I would like to see holdouts (and contract restructuring) implemented in Madden. They are just as much as part of the game as injuries, but we do not see them reflected in Madden.
  • I am ok with a late release if it means a more polished release. I don't see the point on releasing the game on time, but having to wait a month for a key patch.
  • Since it is painfully slow on the EA front, I just want to chime in. This is directly from the page that Blueberry shared. Coaching and Staff Management It's gotta be real, and impactful. Honestly, if having Duce Staley as my RB coach means a +1 in BCV, just save us all the time and just scrap the whole entire thing. What…
  • I think the word you are looking for is "generalities" and not stereotype. Even with that said, yes, there is no doubt that *someone* asked for those modes. Of course. It is understood that there are no absolutes in this world. If I said something like "well, no one wants to pay taxes" there is no reason to be that guy who…
  • Yeah... whether I crank them up to 100 or drop them to 0, it seems like the AI QB, regardless of skill will still complete 75% of passes. Oddly enough, the one that seems to affect coverage most is INT.
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