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  • Good lawd... I must be really tired. I read this too quickly and thought it said "kicking a player in franchise mode." I'm like "wait... what? You can do that?"
  • If you didn't suck so badly, maybe you wouldn't have to punt from your own endzone!!! Just kidding... I never noticed this. Now you got me curious. I'm going to take a look when I get home later.
  • I've also noticed a sudden increased in dropped passes. As you noted, I should not have to keep adjusting sliders in simulation mode where the "players will play closer to their real-life ratings."
  • Don't worry... I won't be bringing the Lombardi back to Philly either. (The Eagles won it all in Madden 17, so I get to say bring it' back)
  • I think you would have to relocate those teams to Houston. Let me know if you can relocate the Houston Texans to the Houston Oilers... probably not.
  • Last night, Brian Hoyer went 6-6 in the first quarter... I just simmed the rest of the game.
  • Injuries is weird this year. Last year, injuries mostly happened when you simmed a game. This year, it mostly happens when you play a game. I dropped the injury slider down to about 35 and every game I play still results in at least one player being injured for about 5 weeks (currently have about 4 abdominal strains right…
  • And I don't mean to keep beating this dead horse (well, yes I do) but one of heaviest things that was advertised this year was "simulation mode." Players will play to their ratings. I bet EA is still rolling on the floor laughing about this one.
  • It's nothing that you are doing wrong. From what I am hearing, this is one of the (many) glitches in this game. I haven't personally experienced this but I've seen enough to know it's a real issue. I don't know what you can really do, other than waiting for a patch.
  • Not if the ratings do not matter
  • "Tuning to decrease effectiveness of Ball Carrier special moves" I'm going to keep beating this horse. Why is tuning needed? According to EA, "This is the game style plays true to player and team ratings and NFL rules." If I have a runner who is a 99, why do you have to decrease effectiveness? He's a 99... he should be…
  • Of course, the whole thing with "simulation mode" was supposed to address this. "Players will play to their ratings." That line is the biggest nonsense EA fed to us.
  • Coaching adjustments are in that part of play call where you choose "run/pass counters" "play type" and other stuff... can't think of it right now. If you are in the playcalling screen, you need to back out all the way to the beginning.
  • If you want different announcing crews, you would have to pay for them. It's not a matter of just adding Troy Aikman. You're going have to spend the extra $8M or whatever it will cost. Troy Aikman will not work for free. The main reason they quit using real people is because the real people would half a$$$ their lines and…
  • What's sad is that i think one of the late-season patches (November or December) addressed the issue of overly accurate QBs. Even then, you had to drop the slider down to like 4 to see the effects. So what you're telling me is that in November of last year, they knew overly accurate QBs were an issue and finally fixed it.…
  • Honestly... I am seriously wondering if it really was worth it. Every time EA changes the engine, the excuse becomes "they have to figure it out." Engine aside, for me, the killer is the fact that this 'simulation' mode thing is totally bogus. When I put a punter as QB and he still throws laser accurate passes tells me…
  • As far as online play goes, who are we kidding... 97% of the people who want to put their WR at RB would put their 99 speed WR to exploit the issue of speed being the only rating that matters. (I'm sure the supposed other 3 percent will tell me they would never dream of doing such a thing). Having the players play to their…
  • I am seriously wondering if 'play now' and CFM are programmed differently. I was using play now and had injuries at 75 or something like that. No injuries. I took the same sliders and same settings into a CFM and was having an injury on like every other play.
  • I should clarify: it was the bubble screen that does not work. I played a game last night and, as you stated, WR screens were about the only passes that worked for me.
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