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  • Anyone else getting this?
  • Oh I forgot..nothing showing on Soldier Fields Jumbotron...its just black even when I match is just starting or scrolling thru the stadium.
  • Nice patch.. but some things I mentioned are still not corrected..plus found new glitches.. (I play only on PS4 - H2H - Bears) 1. When performing a no huddle and my left WR is far down the field..he jogs back to the line backwards and a slow speed and I have to use a timeout in critical situations. 2. The normal kick-off…
  • Just thought of a couple more issues that are troubling... 1. Pre-snap manual flipping of a defensive play half the time don't work. I have to attempt it twice for it to work. Putting my people out of position before the ball is snapped. 2. Graphics for kick-off selection sometime show up correctly but most times don't.
  • Yeahhh some of this stuff is RIDICULOUS!! Here is what I've seen: (I only play head to head online on PS4) 1. Middle LB makes an interception over the middle. After catching the ball I can't run because he's jumping up and down for no reason. 2. How ridiculously long it takes for a runner whether it's the RB or Punter…
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