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  • I think what annoys me most, is just how much they’re not paying attention. And then things they claim to fix, still are awful. Last year they claimed they fixed the QB issue. Why did I just sim a season, only to see the chargers draft a QB at the 3rd pick. Meanwhile, you can’t watch the draft. The lens flair is so bad,…
  • Face of franchise in Madden 22 has a QB drafted by the Jaguars or Jets, in the first round. Along with Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson respectively. So I believe some parts will be no better. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  • Yeah. A lot can happen. Field goals are way more common and so is a defense exceeding expectations in any given game. But there have never been two safeties in a super bowl. And I doubt it would be the only scoring a team would have in a game. Something that only happened once, 1923 by the Chicago Cardinals. It’s similar…
  • The Chiefs did loose the game. But I still find it very surprising their only scores were two safeties. Safeties in the super bowl aren’t common place. And this wasn’t the Giants agains the Ravens defense. Just seemed odd
  • QB logic is still failing cause of Injury. Ran the draft and the Bengals choose QB fields at 5. Even tho Burrow is on their team. Also simulated the super bowl, the Chiefs scored two safeties. Still not well done
  • The absolute worst and seems to be getting worst. So glad they fixed it for the next Gen, when the majority of people can’t get the system. I recently played a game where there were no sacks. Every time the defense touched QB there was a fumble. And it seems like a cheap way to try and make competition. But it removes any…
  • So there is no local save option. Not the end of the world, except for the fact that when the damn game crashes, it looses the file. So if there is one crash, you loose all progress. It’s just so terrible. Thanks for making it obvious you don’t care about making a good product
  • Also better history, show us a list of the super bowl results
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