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  • It's all but a guarantee I spank my first 2 opponents. Anything after that it seems my opponents are more on my level.
  • Good in theory, but the top 5000 on each platform will simply lag their opponent more than they already do for a win.
  • I think what I'm doing is pivoting a bit for the passer, in my head I'm figuring a cleaner, more accurate pass hitting VC and pointing my passer at the receiving player. And for the receiver, hitting VC to try getting better positioning to collect that pass. I forget either from habit, or freaking out a bit about a forced…
  • It's already too easy for offense to draw the puck back and create a near invincible stance that allows the typical 180 for a pass or dump thats not impeded at all. The defensive skill stick mixed with a poke check gives you some what of a less predictable defensive strategy. If they really nerf a standard poke you'll be…
  • Happens to me a lot. Seems to be a TPS issue. Its second nature for me to grab the VC control and force this upon myself. You can detect it coming and the only real option is to react as fast as possible to dump the puck, thats if it responds. What bothers me, and I have no clue if its true or not because I haven't taken…
  • What system do you play on? Their are a few people who make custom controller setups for disabilities. There are options out there to make gaming easier for you.
  • Also frustrating when you signed up for the first date and learn you're on the second date. Faceit couldn't be any more clunky to use. Lame.
  • Most everyone plays online as Tampa and Pittsburgh. It's tough to play as other teams because it seems the goalies on most others teams let in a ridiculous amount of trickle goals.
  • Only took me a full day to sign up and register. Couldn't have been more clunky. Also not having rules spelled out nicely isn't encouraging. It'll also be fun if game day is one of the lovely days where its full of lag.
  • Its just as easy for teams to vote kick people just because they aren't very good yet versus using it for what it should be for and that is trolling. A vote kick system will never be fair. Most games are full of hoop sucking forwards and the defense is stuck with 5 forecheckers to get through or pass around, a few…
  • Allow position swaps during intermission with a peer for peer accept. If a position is cpu controlled, allow a team vote and if there's no votes at all allow it to go through. Get rid of this ridiculous class situation that makes nearly every forward useless defensively. And #1 suggestion of all, for the love of baby…
  • Im in the 30s and 40s and cannot win faceoffs to save my life unless im in the 20s
  • I think they were afraid with 2 different playoff modes that one would be dead seeing as there isn't a ton of players any more.
  • I fortunately see little puck hogging. My club is a Div1 team every season and we've run into it only a handful of times. There is a strategy to regain puck possession but it requires 6v6. With 3s, there is very little you can do, nature of the beast I guess. Sadly, the best way to combat the standard glitch/cheap goals…
  • Too hard is the wrong word. Delayed input due to animation. Animation overrides input on a regular basis. I can't explain how many times I don't want to make 3 strides a particular direction and I'm forced to, or how many times down low a pick up results in an automatic spin. You can let go of the controls in situations…
  • They weren't prepared for next gen, NHL15 was a disaster, especially given all the nextgen hype. They got the game back on track relatively fast, but the next issue became Frostbite which ate resources for NHL. Now NHL is still stuck on an old engine, facing odd up and down sales since 15, while having to eventually…
  • Wired controllers are readily available. Console gaming has such a huge delay compared to PC that switching to a wired controller does not make a difference. Thete is absolutely input lag in NHL18, same as other years. It seems the shot input response has changed greatly this year, and it seems to have affected the skill…
  • EASHL is not dead, but if the controls of your player aren't soon handed back to the user as much as possibly shortly, there is going to be a continuation of complaints and a short shelf life of repeat gamers. I can't grasp why EA basically dictates what your player does with loose puck pick ups, receiving passes, making…
  • Sounds like you have a connection issue. I don't have problems, only very early in the morning and it started when I got into the top 400.
  • Yeah, there is no debating the automatic pick ups are awful, the forced direction after pick up, the forced pivots and spins, etc. It's a nightmare right now. Sad part is, it feels like it's been tuned into the game more since release date.
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