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  • Fix man coverage it's horrible. Good corners are getting beat by routes that shouldn't beat them just because they don't have an ability to help them.
  • The WR/DB interactions are trash that DB's let receivers go by and get open still have safeties and linebackers lining up outside the numbers. Every route gets open in man. Qbs once again can run 10 to 15 yards back and still make a perfect pass.
  • Can man defense get a fix. Shading needs to be fixed cause players are getting too many plays against it. Also alignment is horrible with linebackers lining outside the numbers against receivers and corners lining up against tight ends. And as well …
  • Abilities are being too much of a bail out than a way to reward for making the correct counter to the offense. For example running a curl and because the corner has shutdown and in a deep blue zone he will make the play even though that is not the r…
  • Can man defense please get fixed. People are getting away with spamming plays that man can play well against but my player just lets them keep getting open even though I shade correctly.
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  • Man defense needs to be tuned better. Man is getting beat by routes too consistent. Even if my corner has 98 man they will still get beat too consistent on routes that shouldn't get open as often as they do. For M21 this needs to be addressed
  • Cornerbacks in man defense are horrible. I shade and make every correct adjustment and still they turn their backs on TE and WR nonstop this needs to be fixed for M21. I want to play man and it is tough to
  • Ea man defense needs to be fixed for corners and linebackers. Linebackers needs to stop moving so far back, letting Tight ends be able to get open on drags and short out routes. And also be able to contest out post routes from TE as well. Linebacker…
  • EA developers for Madden 20 please address man defense cause it is ridiculous to play these games and see people run the exact same thing over and over and also players being able to throw it whenever and the offensive player gets a reaction and the…
  • Man defense- man alignment is horrible with linebackers guarding corners even if you play the right formation and also corners/linebackers letting receivers/tight ends get open with crossing routes. Linebackers not bumping tight ends who are on the …
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