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  • Nothing against john madden but its time to just remake the game entirely. New engine new studio new game. Let me just say that if i were in the position to create a football game with the nfl license i would would go ahead and partner with 2k, San Diego studios and take the euphoria engine and create something special for…
  • Oh and i think people who lab the game are the reasons why this game is pathetic, its exposed. EA.. Better get right!!!
  • Please fix the entire game!!! Thankyou!
  • With all do respect guys i think ea should take time and effort to produce a madden game up to date with today's standards of graphics and game play like titles such as ufc star wars and battlefield. In my opinion MUT should be separated from madden entirely... its own game if you will, because its nothing but a cash cow…
  • Yes masontcarr im talking to you.
  • I looked up how much a million mut coins was if you bought them at a mut site and im about sick to my stomach to see just how much you life losers pay real cash just to be able to compete in a fake video game 15 hundred dollars ??!!.. Seriously you need to rethink what matters in life. And this kid who wins madden…
  • Y'all some try hard's lol this madden along with all the other madden's are all trash!!! What kind of game requires there consumers to pay to play, and dont tell me im wrong i played all but just 3 full solo challenges and my team has been a 90 ovr since dec. Every time i get in a match with mut they match me up with other…
  • If you ask me the whole madden team needs to be evaluated and changed. Heck if this was a nfl team working like this they would have been replaced by now. Lol. This year madden this year!!. Not next not 3 years from now. Right Now!!!!!.
  • Fact! Every tattoo is useable all they have to do is change one thing in the art to make it there own. Besides i thought and absolutely makes sense to me that once that tatt is on your body and paid in full it belongs to you!!
  • Why can't 2k just remake the same espn nfl 2k5 with better graphics and stuff like they did with gears of war ultimate edition?????????? Pleeeeease 2k do that NOW!!!
  • M.U.T is completely absurd they either trash it or make it it's own game because it's not fair to have to compete against players that have money to burn, let those players compete with each other and leave us realistic players alone. Focus on making a true NFL game and make your slogan really mean something. (It's in the…
  • Yes but in order for them to come together to make a quality product madden nfl 2k20 man that has a nice rig to it ... Ea needs to drop the ego.
  • Details are very important .. it's not trivial to add atmosphere to the game i need to feel the passion in the fans at home games, i need to feel the heat during aug and sept months and the freeze during December, not have camera men in shorts on the sidelines. Why can't there be scuffles and helmets coming off. Let us…
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