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  • Just wanted to post some simple fixes to franchise mode. I've been playing since madden 98, and i play all modes (including mobile) but mostly franchise. I really enjoy a realistic experience, and manually edit rosters and draft classes to accomplish that. A few things that seem like really simple fixes... 1. Every…
  • @EA_Blueberry thank you! I've been a die hard madden player for over 20 years. And while i understand y'all make more money off of MUT, it feels that franchise mode has been neglected. The minor tweaks (edit draft class, player training, specialty positions) have been nice and appreciated, a few additions could greatly…
  • You would have to restart if you want the updated rosters
  • I agree that it's frustrating to play against, and I understand what your saying, I just dont think we're going to agree on what's cheating. You've been playing as long as I have so you remember how incredibley hard barry was to stop in madden 98, the greatest show on turf on madden 01/02 (I cant remember which), and the…
  • The only reason I compared madden to the NFL is to refer to your comparison of madden to the NFL. Again, any level of football, if the defense cant stop it, 99% of people would keep running it. If you know what's coming on defense, isnt it easier to stop? Try a different play on defense? Jump the routes they are beating…
  • I agree it sucks, but spamming plays is not illegal or cheating. Not sure what lurking is either, but hit sticking isnt illegal either. If NFL teams could run the same play over and over and it gained yards and scored TD, I guarantee they would. I do hate the cheating, and the glitches suck, but idk if spamming plays needs…
  • I dont see a way now, but you should be able to. I dont think you can see a pick by pick summary in the regular offseason draft either unless you simulate pick by pick which would take forever. It would be nice to be able to see when a run of whatever position is going, so you can jump in with a trade like in real life
  • I agree! And I sadly think it's the same right now in madden 20. Willie snead led the league in rec yards, pierre Garcon signed with gb and led in receptions with 105, and julio had 55 rec for 705 yards. I love when guys surprise you and have a breakout year, and it would be boring if every superstar had amazing years all…
  • Career stats are still messed up! They are fixed on the main menu before you enter a game mode, but when you start a franchise they are still messed up! Completely negated fixing them in the first place. Odell, donte fowler, vic beasley, will fuller, pat mahomes, all still broken.
  • It seems like such an easy fix, I know there are a bunch of other problems this year, but it doesn't seem like anything is getting fixed
  • It seems like such an easy fix, I know there are a bunch of other problems this year, but it doesn't seem like anything is getting fixed
  • It seems like such an easy fix, I understand there are hundreds of complaints and a ton wrong with the game, but it feels like there is no attempt to fix anything
  • And you cant change your formation subs if your coach uses a different playbook than your team. Ex- if I create a coach for any team, let's say the Bill's, and try to use the Falcons playbook, I can only do formation subs for the Bill's playbook
  • Missing player stats, so far I've found -Todd Gurley (reigning OPOY lol) -Vic Beasley -Dante Fowler Jr -Odell Beckham Jr -Patrick Mahomes -Will Fuller Very annoying when grinding several years in Franchise mode! Losing an entire season and trying to make the career record books is tough, Please fix!
  • Any guesses on the odds of this getting fixed?
  • Same here, 3 blocked xp
  • Agreed! 2k does it as well, would be nice to see a team record book
  • Patrick mahomes
  • Add Patrick mahomes to that list
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