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  • Man November seems like such a long time for those "upgrades".... was hoping for extra stuff besides you guys messing with sliders and allowing us to customize xfactor players that not for nothing should have been in the game since abilities where introduced last year. On top of that the game still freezes when you put the…
  • 1. Guys global stats been jacked up for years... not all the players show up amd we been over due... 2. The snap count situation sucks man... great adea freaking glitchy execution... snaps reset and having to wait till the next season sucks especially after getting exited because you turned a player into a superstar, that…
  • Man that first one irks me bro... been a while since this has been going on
  • Man they has "fixed" this issue with the first patch but it was all bullcrap it's still happening! Also I've hat the xfactor trait pop up when I click the player like his play count is finish but he does not have the X under him in game and if I do what is asked it never trigger anything... also I unlocked an xfactor for…
  • LoL I so feel you... tired of this game being an exploit filled game rather than of I can read your defense I know what it is and I know what to do to beat it but I cant cuz ppl know an exploit to counter everything even when in a football world it does not make sense... this tutorials I love because they teach football…
  • I would love this... also would love to sort out the formations hate that I go from single back to goal line n my playbook is all scattered
  • Dude I was just talking about this in another thread... I have a CB and a DE who have lead the league in ints and sacks respectively one was already a superstar and stayed it for year 2 the DE went up to a superstar after he lead the league in sacks... now year 2 my CB is tied for number one in the league with 10 ints with…
  • They added on the update... now there is a progression tab... a tab to see players of the week if one of your guys won it... and now they have an xp bar for the points so think they heard us lol
  • Let me know if raiders are avalable on any league you have...
  • Awareness I belive has something to do with this but I could see if is b4 they cut and you throw it like ummm real life but they already made their cuts and are running str8 and is like they dont even look back lol it's silly
  • Forgot to add or even ask maybe a dev can see this and reply to me/us... so like I said I have CB Marshawn lattimore and also have takarish mckingly who is a DE... they both where superstars lattimore had 2 10int seasons and my DE has led the league in sacks both years also and in year 2 he went on a tear and broke the…
  • Hey bro just reading back on this... man 11 ints for the season its impressive and trust me I'm a team builder and have had the best of the best on only have manage to get that amount once in a few maddens... I have mashawn lattimore and he only got 10 each of my first 2 years in my franchise, he got about 5 now in week 7…
  • It's easy to blow out the CPU in all madden at times tho they will do everything in their power to keep it close even if is fumbling 7 times lol... but to the OP are you the comish in your league? Because if your playing and they sim b4 you finish that game what ever you do wont count and you will finish the game but…
  • Man I heard about this problem and it concerns me, I'm about to get to that time where I will have to resign all my top dogs and would hate for this to happen
  • Yea dude I mean did you draft them? I wouldnt for just a year or 2 of production then bye bye first round pick... I rather go younger with good overall that would last me more than that on CFM plus I'm sure we all play that to build up players and teams right
  • I deff get where your coming from with this and deff do agree that your play on the field should not you good XP so u can upgrade your player... the solely put xp based on if your a fit or not to the scheme and what is your level of progression not taking into account on the field dominance... me and my buddies have a…
  • What cash said... your lucky the made this madden where Brady wont just retire like in years past lol
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