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  • Franchise. Please make THIS 5 year commitment truthfull and honest I'd really like to see the return of the old radio show. Right now there is only a feeling of playing in a void. Just you. A radio show could help change this. They could talk about all the current events. Posative and negative. Good and bad. This would…
  • Things I think would make the game better. Make Coach's more like they were in Head Coach. They had depth and diversity then. Bring in assistant coaches. Names don't matter and can be randomly picked. This would go a long way. Bring in possission coaches , too. This way you can grow your own coaching tree, and even prepare…
  • Why is it that I can hit the speed burst button anywhere else in the game and it works wonderfully, but the second I'm using a QB and I hit it he insanely ignores you and repeatedly trys to set his feet agents my will??? Can we please fix that, too
  • AMEN brother Skeptic7!!!!! Shout it from the rooftops!!!! Don't stop until they here the truth!!! [Removed all caps]
  • How about a uniform editor that is good enough to put uniforms like that in the game yourself. Look at it this way EA, it would save you the time of doing it yourself. Just let the community do it for you. Then just saving online and make it DLC.
  • I realize that this is not a wishlist place, butttt... 1- Totally redoo the AI. Currently it it really bad. 2- Redoo the AI!!! Just said this, worth repeating 3- A coaching carousel is great, but can we have buildable coaches with there own ratings? Nobody should be only a name on a screen. Maybe even make the coaches a…
  • EA has a history of selling a balloon inflated to the point it's ready to pop, then giving you a game that is really a balloon that was taken out the bag and shaken really well and handed to you. I said I would not but Madden 20 because I'm tired of spending the little money I have on a really bad bad game that only cares…
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