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  • My personal favorite is how every player seems to have an inner ear infection or is drunk... the number of stumbles and trips in every game (just about every other play) is ridiculous.
  • A lot of these have been around since the very first season. It’s unfortunate, but EA is not likely going to fix any of these any time soon. I had a 350lb DT almost sack the QB, then spin (on a dime) and beat the ball to the receiver 15yds downfield, jumped up and picked it off (not ever turning around... just jumping up…
  • They’re the only ones with license rights... so they don’t much care. Not sure if the NFL will do something different when the rights are up for negotiation. Until then... as long as people keep paying money, don’t expect much.
  • Let’s not forget the drunken stumbling, or the ability to get hit, dropped and tackled instantaneously at the point of first contact 75% of the time... two of my favorites.
  • Unfortunately, H2H is as big of a disaster as it was when first launched... not sure how much is really being invested by EA in fixing things. The matching with teams 20pts higher, the boatloads of fumbles and interceptions, the 400 DT running down WRs from behind, the QB “mysteriously” becoming uncontrollable and standing…
  • EA genius hard at work...
  • That’s EA for you. “Punish em all, that way we get all the guilty ones.” What you’re suggesting would require some thought, planning, testing and execution. So far, the MM team is capable of none of those. They’re overmatched. Unfortunate.
  • Great lists. A lot of these come down to one very simple fact and result. The fact is that it’s very likely nobody in that group at EA actually played football. The result is absolutely awful basic physics. So many dropped passes, QB’s who can’t throw when a defender is within 5yds, 400lb defensive linemen catching Barry…
  • They’re just incompetent and don’t know how to manage a product. You just feel sorry for them at this point. How embarrassing to work there.
  • Nope, same here. EA nonsense. I just don't play the OK drill anymore... not worth anyone's time. I think it would be so great if someone at EA actually played the game once in a while. Might get some valuable insight.
  • Nope, same here. EA nonsense. I just don't play the OK drill anymore... not worth anyone's time. I think it would be so great if someone at EA actually played the game once in a while. Might get some valuable insight.
  • Remember that in H2H, your team plays at about 5-10 *less* OVR, and the other team plays at about 5-10 *above* their OVR. That's just how EA chose to write that part. It's incredibly stupid, but they'll never fix it. The only silver lining is that your opponent is dealing with the same **** game play. All of EA's work when…
  • There are absolutely ways to do it better. But they involve thinking and executing... neither of which EA likes to do. Much easier to punish everyone. Just the way it is... good side is that H2H is a grind that's beatable. It's not pleasant, and takes a while. But it's beatable. So just grind away, then never look back.…
  • Ummm... I guess be ready to turn them around after a pick. That's an answer. It's also the only answer. They won't fix it. So work around it.
  • I'd settle for *anything* that people on these forums have been complaining about for *years*... nothing about gameplay was improved, in fact its worse. Not sure how that's possible. But my players look great while dropping wide open passes and fumbling kickoff returns!!
  • Same here. EA has not fixed a single gameplay problem... not one. Not a surprise, tho. Typical EA. Wish I could have a job where I do nothing.
  • They couldn't care less. Sad, but true. They've long given up on being a quality-oriented company.
  • It's interesting. The more I play, the more I realize how many of these quality issues are still around after several seasons. A lot of the above suggestions could have been made during season one... and nothing has been done about them, despite user feedback. Says a lot about the company and its engineering team when this…
  • I have the latest iPad and the same is happening for me. Given EA's history tho, I'm not counting on a fix. They'll just leave it broken. Pretty sad, but that's how they operate... quality isn't really ever a priority. Like most other things, we'll just learn to live with it... or mute :wink:
  • Standard EA... they won't fix it. They just don't care. I've had guys catch for a 1st down, then start running backwards and lose it. I've had players literally run to the ball carrier and just pull up and stop. Just stop, and stand there watching the guy run by. Been around for a while. They haven't fixed it yet, likely…
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