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  • This is my Top 5 for Madden that I would love to see in the game next year. If you agree or have some other cool insight drop it below in hopes that someone at Madden sees this and possibly implements some of it.

    1.) New Running Mecha…
  • I feel the exact same way!! They never give us a demo so we can catch a lot of the bugs before launch. but then they tell us, "Don't make an assumption until you play it" which translated means to me. "Don't trust your gut and not buy it, but spend …
  • All of this sounds good and all. But I'm not biting yet. They told us before we complain or say what we don't like about the game, to play it first and then speak. So does that mean we're getting a demo?? And not the demos that get passed out via Tw…
  • Please Please Please EA!!!! Patch the Aggressive Rush!!! I truly understand you all work hard and I thank you all for always trying to push the envelope. But we've all heard the adage when a "Patch comes out something else breaks" now the Hard Count…
  • There never is an exact science when discussing ratings and things like this, being Cam is my favorite player I can sit here and bore you both with why I feel his ratings are accurate or should be higher but I won't. But I do want to ask you this, A…
  • Suggestions for Madden 19??

    ***Disclaimer*** I only play CFM on All-Madden/Competitive difficulty (Online Leagues) so my insight is coming from that viewpoint. I don't play MUT or Online Ranked games because of difficulty so my views hav…
  • The run is ridiculous this year. You probably just have to implement a few different formations into your playbook based on your team and personnel. But Inside Zone out of Shotgun still seem to be effective as well Stretch Plays out of I-Form and Pi…

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