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NBA Live 18 Online Franchise

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I wanted to start a discussion regarding an Online franchise for NBA Live 18. Hopefully the developers will include an online franchise in the game. The One looks greats. Player movements, physicality, player contact (like madden), camera angles look great. However I could only play The One for so long. I would need an online franchise mode. With options for a fantasy draft, include legends, customization, power for the commissioners to make final decisions, 32 user team franchises. Please include this in NBA Live 18.
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  • Agree 100% If you make a great online asso, i say goodbye to 2k
  • And also, with the online franchise/association. Allow us the opportunity to play the cpu teams if we don't have a full 32 users. I hate when 2K only lets you play against user teams and that's it. It makes it boring and people get tired of playing each other all the time or having to create new leagues all the time.
  • If liuve did the madden style connected franchise, relocate teams, set prices, manage personalities and moral, select and please coaches, upgrade players, load draft classes. Basically just like madden where you can do all that and still connect with other user and conmputer teams in an online multiple season. It would get me and my friends money every year. 2k18 sorely lacks in this space they should take their gm mode online, stop this terrible keeper league mess but they forgot about this group of players and only focus on the park.
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