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NLVC Episode 26 - Marketing strategy thoughts and ideas.


  • YouTube video discussing regarding NBA Live's marketing strategy. Great video and feedback from the users. Watch and leave feedback on here on on YouTube
  • Here is the feedback I left on the YouTube video:

    I think/hope NBA Live 18 will make a big push in the upcoming weeks with marketing to promote the One demo next month and NBA Live 18. I have faith in them. I've been a Live fan since 95. NBA Live CANNOT delay the game this time!!!!! This is the #1 thing that will kill the game. All of this 2 year lay off will be for nothing. You might as well wait for NBA Live 19. They have to drop the game when 2K drops the game. Games have their glitches. If they drop the same day as 2K this will give people the opportunity to make the decision to buy Live or 2K and this will allow users to give feedback on the game and for patches or whatever to be made. People complain about 2K as well but if you delay the game and don't drop the same day as the competition this is all for nothing. They do need more marketing. They need to roll the dice. For those not watching summer league or going to those game to see what they're marketing now, they need commercials, marketing on all platforms (internet, social media, movie trailers, ads, etc) worldwide. I think the cover athlete can wait. I think the cover athlete should be the young rookie stars this year. That gives the look of starting over fresh. They also need a dual option cover, the other cover should be the current superstars in the NBA. They need to give us pre order option. I agree with that. I just changed my mind, I think they don't need a demo. 2K is not dropping a demo. But I don't mind having a demo. Don't give 2K the opportunity to exploit any weaknesses. Rookie face scans have to be in the game. I think they need to wait til 2K makes their next move. Let them release a trailer and the next day literally Live should release their next move. Give us the pre-order. Give us incentives for pre order just like 2K does. Do Not delay the game!!!! Also don't give them too much during the demo. Leave them wanting more like you guys said. Honestly the best way to get people to purchase the game is to give an incentive like the ability to unlock items and to make your player like an all star or super star level already if you pre order. Your player will be nba ready already. Pre order needs to include, sneakers unlocks, clothes unlocked, signature moves unlocked, legends unlocked. Basically throw the kitchen sink at 2K but wait for 2K's next move. Side note: Also allow us to change our skin tone after you've scanned your face into the game!!!! Please don't delay the game this time. Drop the same day as 2K. Don't give too much insight into the game during the demo. Give us a preorder soon or give us a discount to purchase the game if you pre-order. 2K made their come up by the game being cheaper. A lot of people purchased 2K cause it was cheaper. Make the game $40 or $50 if you can. If you do that a lot of people will purchase it over 2K just cause it's cheaper. Copy what 2K did during their "come up" years. Word, I agree if you pre order. That'll give you more access to improve your player with the demo you have. Access to unlock things and courts. I've talked too much. Y'all are doing great. I can't wait for the demo and for the game to drop. If they delay the game that is like the #1 thing that will hurt. Every game has their glitches, it's a game but you can't delay it. Also please include an online franchise please!!! And include the current dances out today for my player, P.S. Okay I'm done this time, just please don't delay the game, 2K puts out update packages!!!!!!!! You cannot delay the game!!!!!
  • Matt_baby
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    Also "The ONE" demo is expected to be released on August 11th....
  • Clueminati
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    You think it's a good idea for EA to not to drop a demo? Just because 2K is choosing not to, and they just created a fresh twitter account for ratings only since that whole video interview where you heard snickering from everyone's favorite disrespecting some players and members of the community. It is a great idea to market, and release the demo for people to see. Now, we can not compare apples and oranges here from the two perspective companies, but it's now time to show that this is what they have done to improve. You're not going to have everyone going crazy over the product where they still think 2K is better, and it's never going to be easy to convince a whole crowd at once. This is not an overnight change that can happen drastically, and neither game can be perfect. Regardless, that people had to delete space, and also lost count on the patches that was made.

    I say push the demo, and I definitely say that the developers need to make community blogs to speak about the improvements. Not only on Twitter; YouTube; and OS. I am talking about going on this forum to talking to people like you and me, and the same for the one's who've attended the events to see the game themselves. This is what we've done back in NBA LIVE 10; and NCAA Basketball 10 was like that a little bit. You had developer blogs; the community manager speaking to people; and guys like me to speak with you all almost 7 days a week especially when I was dropping The Minati Report. Surely, there were issues with the PR team, but no PR team is never perfect. I respect 2K on what they're doing, but like I said this is an apples and oranges ordeal. They believe that their game can give all sports games a run to be the game of the year. FORZA beat them, FIFA, and Madden for Sports Game of the Year; and Overwatch won both Best Esports Game of the Year / Best Game of the Year, this is last year I am stating.

    At the end of the day. The consumer who choose to buy both of the products, and I am not say buy that $115 legends edition just to get a temporary Shaquille O'Neal player for MyTeam with VC. I am saying for the people who doesn't have a paradigm trying to convince a lot of people that they need to play this product than that. They have to break down both games, and tell themselves that this is the game for me. Everyone can't be a Machiavellian, but everyone can have a mind for them to agree and disagree.

    Which I respect your post, tho!
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    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • I agree with you, the only thing im worried about is if they release the demo and thats it. As you stated it is important for them to take the feed back and act quickly and decisively before relase. Furthermore be honest, we know we are not gonna get 100% catch up to 2k(i hope im wrong) and thats fine, communicate with us. We want 2 games and fans just want to be informed ,not necessarily the devs but the people that have access like these none exisistan forum guys amd community managers, to actually speak and interact with us.

    Us bashing you and putting put complaints isnt gonna hurt you, you still taking our money and time. Just tell us the truth and dont act lile 2k and say we fixed it and know we you did not. The community will turn on you if you havent watched. Push the demo take feed back you know the analytics of whi is playing your game and for how long its public info on the xbox net lol. Reach out to us and ask for opinion from the fans and not just the youtubers or bloggers and forum heads like myself ask the regular guy who signed upto your site for info too.

    So yea push this demo and have our input help you in full release. :)
    Xbox GT: Rock D Twitter: @jeffcortinas Member of NBA Live Veteran committee
  • Clueminati
    326 posts Senior Moderator
    I wish there was a prop button for that statement. On both sides of the fences you got to care about what the community want and feel about this product. If you think money is something you want than not giving the community what they want? Then you're in the wrong game. Yes, fans can turn on you within the quickest of a minor thought. Best example you look how many fans were disappointed when NHL and Madden wasn't great, and look at them now. Fight Night biggest request is to have Mike Tyson playable, and I remember those fighter wish lists that him and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dominated.

    The community matters, and it doesn't have to come from YouTube videos. It can be from tweets, podcasts, or long forms on a forum like this, OS, NLSC, and others. Our input and feedback is very important, and the same goes when it comes to community day events. They want to introduce you where this is what they're working on, and it's your right to be honest and vocal with feedback. I can recall a person who was unbiased, and kept a good even crowd as a audience. His crowd was leaving, and the person became very one-sided to favor one product and bash the other to keep his crowd. That's actually a true story too. I always stick to my saying. "If you're uncertain about this product because of hearsay? Rent it first, and if you like it? Buy it!"
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • a prop button would be nice for these forums. its a small thing but nice. Also can some one fix the rules to atleast say NBA lIVE for this forum it says madden lol
    Xbox GT: Rock D Twitter: @jeffcortinas Member of NBA Live Veteran committee
  • Clueminati
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    Timba101 wrote: »
    a prop button would be nice for these forums. its a small thing but nice. Also can some one fix the rules to atleast say NBA lIVE for this forum it says madden lol

    Trust me. You can usually have people posting crazy 2K stuff on here like it was a presidential campaign election.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Lmao at least they are showing the EA forum love(it needs it) lol. Once the game is released and hopefully live up to expectations we will se the hating fan boys here for sure. Forgetting that we need 2 games for it to be called competition lol.
    Xbox GT: Rock D Twitter: @jeffcortinas Member of NBA Live Veteran committee
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