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User/CPU Sliders

Would any of you mind trying out these sliders? They aren't mine originally but I tweaked them a bit for Superstar difficulty. Left are User and CPU is right, anything not listed is at default

Game Speed 35
Inside Shot Ability 20/20
Mid-Range Shooting 50/40 (I'll explain why user is higher)
3-Point Shooting 40/40
Post Shooting 30/30
Driving Layup Ability 30/30
Dunk Frequency 30/30
Reach-In Foul Call Frequency 40/40

I'm not too sure about these being this high, but they don't bother me. Any feedback is welcome.

Offensive/Defensive In Air Collision Frequency 90/90
Offensive/Defensive On Ground Collision Frequency 90/90
Steal Success 30/30
(there's no on-ball steal success slider, this is just to tone down the passing lane steals CPU controlled players pull off)

Alley-Oop Success 40/40
Shot Off-Dribble Impact 10/10
(this why Mid-Range is 50 for the user because the shot gauge doesn't get bigger even if you beat the defender off the dribble for an open mid-range and it will still say "guarded")
Shot Contest Impact 60/60
Shot Blocking Ability 50/30 (this will have to work till EA address this in favor of the user. CPU gonna get theirs regardless)

Offensive Rebound Frequency 10/10
Off-Ball Pushoff Frequency 10/10
Off-Ball Pushoff Success 30/30
Off-Ball Jostle Success 20/20
Jostle vs Blow-By 20/20
Dribble Move Reaction Frequency 40/40


  • I'll try out your Sliders. I did post my user/CPU Sliders in other forums. But I don't care about credit or anything like that. I think the main thing is the game speed to be set to 35. After that people will probably have their own adjustments for the rest of the Sliders. I just want people to give it a try and stop thinking that it's 2K, it's not.
  • If it was 2k there would be no free demo, it would cost $60-120, and then another $50 for vc when you realize your op cheese was patched and you want to rerole your character.
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