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Pre ordered nba live 18 as protest purchase

This is first year won't be buying nba 2k at launch. Last two editions have been disappointing to say the least. I pre ordered live 18 for $31.99. Have played nba live 16 and demo so I know mostly what I'll be getting but still hope for some improvents and responsive customer service to fix issues quickly. If the game ends up being broken and unplayable in will trade it back and put the proceeds towarda nba 2k later when it goes on black Friday sale. Don't let me down EA. I've been hyping your game to friends and have at least one other who may be willing to give it a try over 2k.


  • Clueminati
    329 posts Senior Moderator
    Hey Steve. There will be a wish list thread going up by tomorrow for what people want to see in the game, and what they need to focus on. There will also be a initial response thread on your takeaways from the game. I will have these up by tomorrow for you all.
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • Ok thanks. I will be playing tomorrow night and advise my impressions there.
  • 2k is now a defensive oriented game, ruined by the cry babies who couldn't guard players one on one, so 2k nerfed stamina, dribbling and buffed defense. That games unplayable, you completely miss wide open jump shots with players closing out late. Live 18 reminds me of NBA2k15, and that's a good thing, because that was the last great iteration of the franchise. Sadly, NBA2k is really aweful now, and so is World of Warcraft, both great games ruined by casuals and developers giving in to their complaints.

    NBA Live 18 is where its at.
  • stevenomes
    182 posts Member
    edited September 2017
    Frankly since the spike Lee joint dropped 2k has gotten worse and worse. Last year i traded the game in January. Just wasn't playing it because it was more frustrating than fun. I'm looking at live as a more change of pace.
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