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Ps4 trophy glitches

There's two trophies that did not register properly for this game. The "Kidding Around" trophy, which i got by repeatedly doing it over and over before it popped the trophy.

Currently I'm attempting the Shooter's Touch Trophy and it won't register properly after attempting it multiple times


  • Even the "Next" Trophy is glitched, SMH. I won two games and it didn't pop
  • The shooter's touch trophy is still glitched. Tried uninstalling the patches and still no avail
  • shooter's touch works just goto shootaround and do everything on the move list if you already completed the list just do every move again a few times and it should pop
  • Nice tip, I'll try that and see if it works
  • what exactly did you do for kidding around? anything from down below?
  • I tried the shootaround for shooter touch and couldnt get it.

    For the Kidding Around trophy, you have to do in a actual game. you have to do it multiple times for the trophy to pop. So keep going down the list on the passing picture that you have there til it pops. Took me a couple hours to get it haha.

    The Shooter's Touch is just annoying. I did the shootaround and did every move like 8 times
  • I deleted everything just so the move list was unchecked, and still nothing. what complete crap. Any other tips on this? Cause only three people have this trophy so far haha. You just did every move on that shootaround list?
  • Doc187XL
    113 posts Member
    edited September 2017
    Yeah, I did it on a second profile in shootaround and it unlocked before I even did the last two moves and then I went and did it on my profile and did every move a few times and it unlocked for me, the only thing I did that wasn't on the list was "adjusted shot" by driving to the paint to dunk and release R2 mid dunk and press square. Did you complete the game for (kidding around) or does it pop during the game?
  • What about the put back shot?

    No, you dont have to complete the game for it pop. Just do it every move until it pops. kind of annoying haha
  • never did a putback shot
  • The same thing is happening to me and a bunch of other people on Xbox One for both the Kidding Around and Shooter's Touch Achievements.
  • Iono what the work around is cause I tried everything. only a few people have the trophy/achievement
  • Kidding Around unlocked randomly for me during an NBA Play Now game I did almost every pass type in the game it popped in except for self-alley and touch pass. I just wish EA Tiburon would get on the grind with this and fix all Achievements/Trophies because 50% of them don't unlock when they're supposed to.
  • Have no clue man haha. Now, the auction house for Live Ultimate Team is screwed up. I can't even post cards for auction. It randomly works sometimes. When it does, I can only post one at a time
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