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The League has a game-breaking bug right when you're about to receive enough points to hit Lvl 50 rep.
It freezes instantly on that post-game screen that's supposed to show your player summary, traits and objectives, and total progress. Luckily for me, I was in the finals of my 2nd season, I had to sim the rest of my finals (I still won) which automatically failed ALL my end of season goals but got enough rep from getting MVP, All-Defensive First Team & All-NBA First Team to reach Lvl50 rep for The League. With that said Your Favorite Player's Favorite Player achievement didn't unlock for me, I'm Lvl50 in both The League & The Streets. Ranked # 5 on the Hype Leaderboards on Xbox One.


  • Doc187XL
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    Here's a screenshot of where it freezes.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that it still freezes even after I leveled up, I can't even continue with my 3rd season. The League is completely unplayable at this point....
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  • Your Favorite Player's Favorite Player still not unlocking after the patch, even though I've been playing extra games in both The Streets and The League to see if it would trigger the achievement to pop.
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