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I know I'm not tripping

So my Internet timeout for a few minutes while I was booting up Live and failed to login to EA anyways my character face scan didn't load, it reverted to one of those preset characters, then saved so I restarted the game again after my internet connection was fine. and my face scan loaded but in the top right next to your XP level still showed the preset character's face. So had to select my face scan again to change it. Then I noticed my character's body size changed completely.

Went from this 6'8 200lbs body type similar to Brandon Imgram & Andrew Wiggins IMG_0916.jpg

To this "CAUTION WIDE LOAD" looking ****!

TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS the size difference is drastically noticeable when in game around other players. I had to delete my original character from the demo because of this B$
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