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Community Live Events, Why no info?

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edited October 2017
There is no info about these Community Live Events, the Takedowns were a nice way to keep gamers engaged in the game, I love going after Crates to unlock items. But where is the info about them being posted at, to atleast know what's coming next. I mean they only give you 250 RP if your done clearing a crate.

It would help if you knew what was coming when the Demo was out on Twitter, they would post a short vid of the next challenge, but now you just have to wait and see.

It can be a simple post or article on the main website about the Live Events as they roll out, imo it's just a matter of gettimg out the Info.


  • DaGranmasta
    72 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    I heard about this site from a youtuber and someone post this site the other day http://nbalivesociety.com/.. they talk about live events.

    but i agree i think twitter would be better especially when there's some good crate's up for grabs like these throwbacks jersey's we getting.
  • Wish there some 2017 shoes besides the KD10 and Kyrie 3s and Hardens in the crates like hyper dunk 2016 or 17s lol Live has to get the Content up to date, I mean even new Color way Tetris like the Bordeaux 12s
  • Thanks that's what's up!
  • For real! I'd love to know ahead of time because it also builds up the hype to grind for the crates.

    I wanna see the Bron 15's & more colours ways for the Jordan's as well. They should throw in some KD 4's too.
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