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Glitch Quittters In Ranked Play Is An Epidemic!!

Anyone who plays H2H online ranked games knows how hard it is to record wins because of players backing out improperly and (on-purpose) aka "Glitch Quitting". Rather than just concede loss by hitting pause and choosing the quit option (which would give you a win), a player will disconnect from the game by opening another game, turning the Xbox off, or by unplugging the Ethernet cord altogether. Doing this results in a loss for that player but denies you the win (total **** move). It's no exaggeration when I say an overwhelming majority of H2H Ranked Online players practice this frustrating glitch. You end up playing an entire game and your opponent quits with seconds to go, therefore wasting all that time and energy in an fruitless venture. I don't care if people rage quit at any point of the game, but I do care that I cant record wins in online play simply because someone wants to go the extra mile to be a jerk. Please EA this has plagued NBAlive for years, the same "Glitch Quitting" technique, (and its still there) Please patch the game so that when your "Peer DIsconnects" you receive a win along with that telltale error code ---PEER DISCONNECTED----


  • yup and we should also be able to see opponents DNF% before we lock into the match!!!
  • My record is 3- 0 i SHOULD be 9 - 0 , but because of this garbage glitch it ruins everything , what is the motive to play when 75 percent of the people u play cheat out , ea NEEDS to start banning , give me a reason EA please why i should not just got play 2k if u dont fix this , i WONT get this next year tell i see some stream of it being fixed , u lost this customer
  • Another form of regression, however, this needs to be fixed, cleaned up, meaning the dash out and quits as a whole need to be enforced also that is needed to showcase the DNF% and PING and much more also the gameplay stability needs to be incorporated this isn't acceptable. They focus so much on The One and don't work on other aspects of the game and that is very head scratching and troublesome. Here is a taste of what they do with this glitch.

    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
  • This is what needs to be done.
    Truth Is Standard #Nlvc
  • Agrees I’m in the top 50 and I don’t play anyone ranked higher than me anymore because they all do it I’ve beat most of the people above me and have 0 wins to show for it it’s ridiculous fix it EA or I’m going back to 2k
  • Would probably be #1 ranked right now but not getting any **** wins for these quitting **** fix this **** and give people there win for peer disconnection ..... another reason 2k killing yal **** get it together and fix this **** tired of it DAMN !!!
  • Just happened 4 times tonight I’m officially done with this game back to 2k
  • Trying to refund the game, but either way this game is finished for me !
  • yes this glitching is ridiculous. mjgone2soon did it to me twice last week and now currently has a 25 game win streak. also watch out for, the last mann , about an hour ago he messaged me asking if I was scared to play him and I said no he said you should be. so we played and i was up 17 points and he glitch quit. I'm sure the top 25 all do it if not more . I just keep reporting them for cheating and quitting. not that it'll fix the problem but their stats should not count at all or be banned I cant stand it.
  • EA can you please fix the glitch quit win for the player that is losing the game? And counting the winning player with a lose and disconnect. This tactic to get a win even when they are losing the game. It's a shame that your billion dollar company , doesn't want to write the coding properly to prevent this from happening, it's not cool for the legit player and really just ticks me off that it's a online player's strategy to glitch quit when playing head to head. I can barely finish an online match.

    Please please fix this, I would enjoy NBA live 18 much more, if this can be fixed or prevented.

    Thank you

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