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Playstyle - pick the correct one

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edited October 2017
From what I see, players pick the incorrect Playstyle. Is this game perfect no, but let's examine, the Playstyle for a moment.

If your a shooter which is my current style I get upset that I can't dunk in traffic like my Wing Scorer can, but that's trade off and like wise when I can't shoot with my Wing Scorer like I can wirh my Wing Shooter.

Look at the representative of the playstyle for Wing scorer, Demar Derozan, he's no 3 ball shooter never has been never will be, I believe that's why he's used for that playstyle, instead of someone like Harden who can Dunk amd Shoot, they wanted to balance out the game.

So I see why picking a playstlye is challenging when comapring it to players in the league who defy this logic. Klay's not Dunking on a soul let alone in traffic, lol he had a RIM grazed and Sprite in China promoting Li-ning lol.

I mean Reggie Miller very rarely dunked and well RAY Allen dunked a lot his first few years in the league, but be came one of the deadliest 3 ball shooters of all time.

I do believe their should be a trade off like Maybe a dunking trait, loke Wing Scorers can equip in one of their trai slots to help improve their lomg ball, but you would lose some of that 3 ball ability if you use it, (Update Maybe) but that's just my opinion, meh what do I know anyways right!


  • there is also the point where all players become the same superstar. this was a problem with the myplayer in 2k. you could choose what you wanted but eventually you'd just become a superstar that averaged 30 ppg. i like having a specific type player, though the downside is yes they cant be all around good. maybe EA should adjust it so your player is decent at other categories at least? or you could pick any 2 secondary stats you want instead of having it only allow certain ones per position?
  • Exactly, because as a shooter I would like to Dunk and it could be a low dunk rating if that keeps it balanced I'm fine with that, and like how the wing defwnder gets a trait to be able knock down 3s with the 3 point shooting trait, that should be given to the Wing Scorer as well.

    The animations for step back are different as well, it's more of a true step back for Scorerss than it is for shooters, the animation seems stunted.
  • not sure about that, if you gave the swing scorer a 3 trait then it would remove the point of his signature purpose.
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