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Are any of the complainta from the gamers who play Live Events amd ProAm being taken into strong consideration? If there was transparency about whats to come, through a Mode insight, I'm sure that would ease tension and frustration, because you have players interested on the game, but lack of communication can lose them as well.

Live Run is only so fun until you unlock the Penny crate for 90 games played with 5 Human players. Which is no big deal for me as it doesn't matter wheter you win or lose.

And to have a hoopdome crate but no takedown take place at hoop dome is a head scratcher?

Why not replay the play list from release where some gamers came late to the party!


  • @NbaLiveSince95

    Community Managers watch this forum and the community on a daily basics, collect feedback and send it to the studio. Not all threads get a reply but trust me on this, they are being noticed and escalated. Even mod side wise we pass on some stuff to them from time to time as well.

    Just continue to provide constructive feedback good or bad and it will be noticed! Communication wise there is always room for improvements but sadly sometimes it takes a bit of time so just hang on! But feedback wise you are all being heard and while not all of suggestions will make it into the game some might so just continue in providing feedback and who knows.... some of your suggestions might make it in.
  • @NbaLiveSince95

    Yes I agree and I hope they do watch this forums and actually implement some of the ideas that the gamers are saying into the actual game.
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