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Have they cut all support?

Rosters seem out of date. Minimal changes. still basic problems that were there from the beginning. I dont see many announcements about upcoming patches. have we lost all support? time to sell game back?


  • @stevenomes I think it is about that time where we trade in this game because the developers are NOT willing to listen to us and update the game. The game the way it is right now it seems like a DEMO
  • interesting because the demo was actually good because it was a demo. was expecting a lot more with full game.
  • LiLBeezy3O5
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    stevenomes wrote: »
    Rosters seem out of date. Minimal changes. still basic problems that were there from the beginning. I dont see many announcements about upcoming patches. have we lost all support? time to sell game back?

    I don't think we've lost support nba live is getting a lot of work put into slowly it's getting better and better the demo was really good because they would update the issues on the spot nba live 18 is like a demo with extended features really there's so many features missing and I still love the game imagine if they actually address everything live would n live again
  • Seriously, I've been supportive of this series since they came back with the disaster that was 14, but I don't think I can stand behind this garbage anymore. They obviously aren't listening. The updates for the rosters are always so far behind it really is embarrassing, and that's nothing to compare with the complete disaster that is LUT. That mode, which no doubt keeps them in the positive, is a slap in the face. They took 5 steps back in 16 and continued it this year. I'm so sick and tired of the crappy and unproportinate rewards for playing games when you inevitably, every game you play in LUT, or most other modes even, have the pathetically cheap and ridiculously impossible cpu "run," where they magically make 90% of all shots while you miss wide open layups and shots as they literally go through players to grab every rebound and block shots they were 12 feet away from. You still win, easily, but want to put the game away and let it collect dust. They keep making it bare bones and put as much thought into it as most people give to tying a shoe. On top of that, we STILL DON'T HAVE ROSTER EDITING OR ANYTHING ELSE WE ASK FOR 99 TIMES OUT OF 100. Thattaway EA, thattaway. Unless something dramatically changes, which it won't, I won't be buying anymore EA games period. They've sold enough garbage to me for a lifetime at this point.
  • I can get $18 if I trade the game back. It's been silence for a while about future update plans. Would be nice to have some feed back like " we are listening to feed back and working on getting some of the below features for next update..." then list what they are working on. Don't need dates or anything just some acknowledment that people are still working on this game. One we they made a nov 14 update but it doesn't fix a lot of the main issues people had.
  • @wsm2310 I could not have said it any better. Garbage game Yes, yes this game is hitting the garbage trait on gold. I can not believe this company took 2 years off and delivered this piece of Garbage game yet still costs 30 bucks this game should be 10 bucks, easy. I tried liking the live series again but simply this company is not developed yet to make basketball game and they need to accept the fact that in order to even come close and compete with NBA 2K they need to come with a basketball that actually is good enough to play.

    Just imagine if they take some of the ideas from this forums just how good the game can actually be, but the question will they? the answer is no
  • Switching between menus when opening crates is almost unbearable... I really want to like this game and it's good but it needs some cleanup
  • @OVO-Simba1 Yeah for sure, if they would listen to us about more things, I believe that this game would have a LOT more support and understanding around it. They put in 3v3 so that's a start, but they still haven't added any roster/character editing, fixed any bugs or truly spent time on Franchise or LUT. It really is a complete joke and with the whole Battlefront 2 fiasco, they should be doing whatever possible to make all customers happy as much as possible.
  • Be patient man, I'm sure they're working on a lot of stuff.
  • yes but time is running out. the issue is more about timing. this is a game that was at a disadvatnage to start coming off a 2 year hiatus. they needed to get a jump on the market to affect sales, which seemed like the 33% discount for pre-order was a good start. but they had to build on that success and be on point with the service side of it so that the new gamers that have stay with the game. right now its black friday deals. i can trade the game in and get $18 to apply towards another game at discount like wolfenstein or evil within 2. star wars battlefront 2 is out now. shadow of war. assassins creed origins. so many games out EA need to do something to keep this game relevant. maybe they are working on something big but at least give some communication about it so people know to hang in there a little longer. NBA 2k18 is at $27 this weekend.
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