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  • Hello Live community, I normally like to stay behind the scenes and give feedback through email or other outlets but I wanted to get deeper in the forums this time. I see most feedback and issues players have with Live 18 and from the new Game play and trailer we see a lot of improvements. This said I never met one perfect video game especially sports games. They are one of the most toughest to create and satisfy all. The trust is you change one thing and it changes everything else and its hard to find a balance that every player will agree with. There are core changes that always help like movement and graphics but even thoughts can be a issue. Too many animations its not you controlling the player, There is a give and take to all this and devs got to fine tune most of that through trail and error. In this digital day and age everyone is a expert and knows what to do so they all make videos telling devs this is broken or that should change. Very few times do they actually give devs a solution to how to make improvement. This needs to change and like someones mother always says "If you dont got anything good to say dont say it at all." Wait dont listen to that its wrong to say dont say anything but I mean is try and give ideas, good and bad issues and how this can be fixed.

    Sure its not your job to fix the game but if you going to rant about it than its your responsibility to address a issue and provide some solutions. This isn't even about games its life in general. If you "cared" for someone would you just blast them with negative rants or will you help them find a solution to the issues? Common sense but I wanted to address that before I go ahead and give a little feedback.

    For me, I am hype about a lot of the news I read about Live 19, Build a Squad seems fun but I got to be honest I am in the minority when I say I want more actual NBA focused content. These silly street ball, Live ultimate team and so on are great fun. Keeping millions entertained but for a Hardcore NBA fan I want more NBA focused features. From what I read the career mode is redefined more depth which is awesome. Franchise mode haven't heard a thing about that. I mean its tough being a true NBA Guys as my opinion isn't as popular as guys wanting Street ball features but I play 12 minute Quarters, no displays, Fatigue and injuries. Makes for a lot of NBA experiences on subs, timeouts, fouls and so on. Overall Live does a good job on that. they changed the core movement and other parts but the base is there and they building off it. I am ranting about NBA experience because last thing I want is NBA Live to turn into "The Other Guys" and no one plays NBA content just Street ball. This is the current trend and its the players fault for falling in love with hype and not realizing you buying a game that says NBA on it.

    In my opinion The One did a good job offering players freedom to focus on NBA or streets but I know way too many players who never even played a NBA game and stuck to the Street ball and had 5 98 overall. While this good to have that freedom its a NBA game and there should be a system in lace to force players to enjoy the NBA aspects. example in LIVE 18 to get from 98 to 99 you had to complete a certain amount of NBA games to unlock it. Thats the type of stuff I hope is getting deeper in the game.

    Why would I want this? well players need to work to be max. In Live 18 all you needed to do was run Live events or live run with friends and they can carry you to 98 in a few hours. What I would like to see in 2019 is you can only get 15 skill points in the streets and the rest is in official NBA games. Add to that I would want a system of challenges to unlock the last 5 skill points to reach Max. This will only reveal after you reach 95 overall. Challenges will be varied to make it interesting. Now keep in mind I know about the new Icon system being a big change and that alone will entertainment but again if I can do everything in the streets than why is the game called NBA? All i am asking for is a adjustment to the overall skills system making it focus on both NBA and streets. I address thing last year after seeing tons of friends miss out on a cool NBA career mode simply playing Live events and Live run to level up. After my second character I leveled up 3 guys to 98 only playing Live events. Again the freedom is nice but I hope Live 19 changes some of that to add depth to leveling up and give players NBA ball more often.

    All this said I didnt want to dive into what most do like turbo + lapup/dunk being unstoppable sometimes, or the steal spam life that i am guilty of myself. I wanted to give input on something important to the experience. So making players work for max player a bit with variety. Cannot just level up playing Live events. Thats my 2 cents for today but I am always giving info on the game and community in my twitter or discord.


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    I should have read rules about links hope thats ok. if not I'll delete it mods dont hurt my feelings. Again My message is spread love and keep your head. Excited for Live 19 and hope devs see this and at least tweak it a little bit. Thank you for those who read this. Stay Live....
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