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Nikola Jokic still looks like an 8th grader in live

His model is dreadful. I thought by now they might have fixed it but it doesnt look to be so. I understand they dont have a scan for it, but how can it be this bad?


  • Clueminati
    329 posts Senior Moderator
    His face wasn't scanned like Mike Beasley's. I'll ask if there's any minor improvement of the players that are defaulted
    Not the Usos, but yeah... Day 1 ish since 2005.
  • stevenomes
    182 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Yeah. Even just a better default would be good. It really takes away from experience when using him because his face looks so bad. And I think it could be argued that he is a top 20 player in the league so should warrant some attention.
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