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Nba mobile 18 ben simmons and allen iverson buzzer beater crash and auction house issues

As a player from last year and all the problems they had with the reset I was frustrated. Now this season I can say I'm 100x more angry and frustrated. I've lost so many head to head matches because when I try to use the buzzer beater with ben simmoms or iverson the game crashes completely and kicks me out. When I log back in it gives the opponent the ball with a few seconds left. Seriously EA get it together. I've very competitive and to lose because of game technical issues is crap. about the auction house. I havent been able to sell any players for the past 3 to 4 days. I've read the players have to be approved by a bot and with a reasonable price to sell in auction. Ive done all that and cant sell anything. So much time and energy spent for nothing. And with the auction house updated. It's impossible to complete the clock stopper set with out having 30 million coins. And even if I had the coins none of the dang players are out there to buy. What the heck EA. What's the problem?


  • I am having the same issue it kicks me out and cost me -5 up to -10 points this game is ruined
  • jkillyan
    18 posts Member
    edited January 2018
    solve, without selling the game does not progress.
    I open many packages in the store but I also want to have the opportunity to sell the players that come out of me
  • I have been playing NBA Mobile since 2016. I Love the game bc it's a competitive game that I enjoy. But...I have a problem as well with the crashes and lag.. especially with the courts...like...the potluck court...it's the worst...I can play on any other court...with lil to no problems. Also...the auction does suck..😁 I still Love the game. Ñ
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