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Companion app scan

Im trying to use face scan but when the scan is complete it says it will take 136min to process and the blue head keeps on showing for like 3 hours and then it says it failed please rescan what the hell? Anyone had this issue? Im using iphone 6s


  • Im having trouble with getting my face recognition on my system do anybody now how to do so
  • Mine says checking for scan and keeps goin
  • can upload my scan in the game not working at all after completing the whole process correctly
  • I hope they fix that app cuz I would like to put my face in the game this year
  • I just got my face in..FINALLY....Now with my Samsung S8. This time it gave less errors while scanning than half year ago. Now 30% of the scans succeeds. Half year ago none. Still took for ages to proces till 3D after it got in a 2D only face picture. Now had Wifi on and after 2D scan just kept on spinning to process it into 3D and I just put my phone on the table and came back after 10/15 minutes with 300MB up and download connection...don't know if that helped.

    Hope they fix the app and process for Live 2019 that it will be more forgiving when scanning and quicker processing.

    Now that it succeeded it's the BEST and I LOVE IT :)

    Just try it again folks! Keep on sending/posting feedback untill EA gets it right.
  • Please help i have my face scanned and wondering why app wont send it to my game
  • Having same problem. No setting on companion app to upload. And top box on The One create, keeps spinng
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