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The Next Patch

Hi NBA Live Dev Team What We need in the next patch is more hairstyles, facial hairstyles, and custom faces for our created players and also allow us to put our face onto a custom player not just in the one mode you can also add the legend teams to the select a team on exhibition mode and franchise mode add more retro jerseys like you had in previous versions of NBA live also allow us to use legends in the online 5on5 and 3on3 modes on the street courts you can also put the Jordan calf band in the game also add goggles to accessories to choose from when creating a player and change the face app on the phone to where you can just use a picture to make a scan for your created players not have to turn your head left and right that's cool and all but when I try to make certain players it wont take also let us be able to add real faces to all the created players we make in the game and fix the problem with only being able to have 8 custom players on a team at one time cause if you have more than that some of them will be replaced with generic faces from the one mode also in franchise mode add the feature where we can have players traded from the team just step away from online mode for a second and focus on single player mode like franchise this is some of the things we need in the next patch also technical fouls and flagrant fouls need to be added and more expressions from players on calls and more dunk animations and layup animations and have the crowd boo you if you ask for a trade to another team and you come to the arena and play thanks EA Dev team keep up the good work the game is good now but with a few more patches big ones it can really be great so don't quit on us keep up the good work that's all I'm saying thanks again
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