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Multiplayer Franchise Mode Online and Offline

We need a franchise mode where we can toggle off and on between user and cpu controlled teams. This feature should include offline and online. This would definitely put NBA LIVE 18 above 2k18. This is the best NBA live I've played since NBA Live 2010. Ive been playing NBA live since 1995 lol. I bought this game thinking I could play an online franchise with my friend but I later found out it was only single player. Please EA listen to your fans and give us a multiplayer online franchise. So many people want this feature in a basketball game.


  • Please everyone else that is on these forums comment below and let EA know how much we want this in the game. I don't know if they can put a patch in for this or not. I hope they can! If not I hope it's in NBA LIVE 19.
  • Franchise mode is lame. It would be a waste of time trying to make franchise mode co-op or online VS.
  • Well MuurpOG everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What modes do you play?
  • I actually know a lot of people who play franchise mode who would enjoy this feature. Don't get me wrong I like where NBA Live is headed. EA is taking a step forward with the new installment of "The One." I just want to see a Multiplayer online franchise. I think it's lame they don't have this feature in 2018. Madden has it to where you can make all 32 teams user controlled. You can actually play a season with every team being user controlled. I just don't think this is very hard to implement since they have done it in other games. Bottom line is they would draw more people to the game if they had this feature. I know people who didn't even buy the game because it didn't have an Multiplayer online franchise.
  • I'm a franchise guy, but I hate the franchise mode in this game. It's very barebones and rudimentary compared to the depth and details of a Myleague. I'm cautiously optimistic for more features being added for franchise mode like 3 team trades, multi user connected franchise, in-depth injuries, custom playbooks, and more options for roster editing and create a player. I don't see much of any of this being added since franchise mode is not a priority.
  • MMckenzie84 I agree with you EA is definitely not making franchise mode a priority for NBA LIVE. You brought up some great points. The game allows us to edit the player outside of franchise mode but once you start a franchise you can't edit anything. I just cant believe this game does not have multiplayer online and offline Franchise mode. That should be the staple or norm for any sports game especially in 2018. I remember my friends and I use to play on the same system and play franchise mode with multiple teams back before there was even online capability lol. This game doesn't even have that. I also saw it didn't have private matches so you cannot send your friend an invite. This game is very limited in the number of ways you can play with your friends and it's very disappointing.
  • Yeah but too bad EA still isn't listening.
  • You have the one for that
  • I love the game but at the same time I hate it because there is no connected franchise and I think you just botched the franchise mode completely by just putting it singleplayer
  • like a lot of other people I mostly play franchise with family and friends so depending on how franchise is. plays for multiplayer or with out multiplayer that will determine how much I play, offline preferably with locked players
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