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In-Game Statistics

I've noticed that sometimes the game does not record statistics properly.

For instance, there are several animations that should register as steals, but don't for some reason. Three I've noticed are 1) when "pulling the chair" in the post 2) when playing intense defense and the offensive player loses control of the ball, and 3) passes that randomly hit defenders and are then picked up by the defense. All of these situations should be steals, but for some reason the game doesn't record it.

Also, turnovers are sometimes not recorded. In The League, my player has had a game where I distinctly remember turning it over 3 times, but my teammate grade was only deducted from for one of them and the player stats only recorded one as well.

NBA Live needs to patch this flaw because it is extremely annoying to not have stats recorded correctly.

Has anyone else other areas in which the game doesn't record statistics properly?


  • Chessterton
    1 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    The game fails to record assists frequently. Perhaps it only gives the most obvious ones but assists are from AI players.
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