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NBA live 18 online head to head glitchers

EA can you please fix the glitch quit win for the player that is losing the game? Online players do this tactic to get a win even when they are losing the game. It's a shame that your billion dollar company , doesn't want to write the coding properly to prevent this from happening, it's not cool for the legit player and really just ticks me off that it's a online player's strategy to glitch quit when playing head to head.

Please please fix this, I would enjoy NBA live 18 much more, if this can be fixed or prevented. I enjoy your game but frustrated with your online head to head win, lose, and dnf recorded keeping.

Shouldn't it be easy to fix this? Apply a patch or update that credits wins and losses based off the current score and counts a lose to the correct player that's actually losing the basketball game or if the losing player disconnects from the match/game they receive a lose and DNF.

I think it would be an easy fix, if you wanted to make your game fairer. I do enjoy your game but the online sore losers shouldn't be rewarded for cheating and increasing there win count by disconnecting from the online game.


Thank you


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