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Simmons and iverson in showdown mode

Please EA
Simmons91 and more and iverson91 and more receive special abilities at the end (2 seconds of the end) of the game to decisive shoot.
I don t understand why in the showdown mode they have this ability from the 32s before the end ; it s really ridiculous
Ty for update this.


  • Please EA change this stupid clutch at 32 s and put at 2s of the end
  • EA Try to make a real arcade game but you let Simmons make a 3pts shoot to 33s before the end.
  • And they even let AI do this so we all can see it LOL I’m sure everybody has basically seen this and the other weird things in showdown like 2 LeBron cards in same team in different positions. Ridiculous!!!
  • EA, take a Time to think about my legitimate request
    Have you seen a playing scoring from anywhere 33s before the end?
    All the best player keep Simmons 96 with "buzzer shot".
    DO SOMETHING to put the buzzer shot at 2s before the end
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