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Refund Please

Yo EA I would like to be compensated for NBA LIVE 18. I have been all over the forums and technical support and my game still does not work properly. I am very disappointed because every time I called support they had no clue what’s was going on and no one seemed to be on the same page on when the one player would be updated. I pre-orders this game way back in September and I haven’t really been able to play this game at all. I would like to know when someone will actually reach out to me as I have been emailing chatting and calling you guys for months. This is not how you treat your loyal customers.


  • Yeah I have gold traits unlocked but do not show as unlocked and apparently this has been an issue since drop date.
  • So morning time cloud where am I supposed this issue? You tell me don’t post it on the forum but post it on the forum??? How does that make sense? Anyway I just bout live 19 from the live 18 and was supposed to get 33% off and didn’t. So can you help me with that or am I wasting my time with y’all???
  • NatureBoy2323
    2836 posts Game Changer
    We here at the forums have no way to refund money or have anything to do with these kinds of issues. You will have to contact the EA Help Center for these kinds of matters. Here is the link. https://help.ea.com/en/
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