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EA Disrespects Tracy McGrady

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edited May 2018
Every time a new Tracy McGrady card comes out EA gives him bad stats.

Take for example the newest card they released. 98ovr PRIME T-Mac, 2 year (consecutive) league scoring Champion and they gave him an 88 3pt rating. Does EA even know who this man is? His 3 point shooting was just as good if not better than his mid range. Now take a look at what his scoring with contact is, 85???? His dribbling? 89....... WOW

This is clearly a sign of blatant disrespect or ignorance on EA's part.

Now lets take a look at what other cards EA has assigned stats to.

95ovr Jeff Hornacek - 94 3pt, 96 obd, 91 steal, 91 dribbling

96ovr John Havlicek - 96 3pt, 92 dribling

96ovr Clyde Drexler - 90 3pt, 90 swc

97ovr Allen Iverson - 96 3pt, 88 dunking, 89 steal

98ovr Oscar Roberston - 98 speed, 99 Agility, 93 3pt, 90 swc

I demand that correct changes be made to Tracy Mcgrady so that he gets the respective stats that he should have!

His stats should be changed to the likeness of 97-98 3pt (BECAUSE HAVLICEK AND IVERSON HAVE 96, SMH WOW)
scoring wit contact 95, block 88, steal 92, dribbling 94, oreb 82

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  • 100% agree. T-Mac is a living legend to true fans. & those comparisons are ridiculous. Some of those mentioned don't come close to T-Mac.
    EA games developers are out of touch with reality on many issues.
    Like, getting whooped by a team 4-5OVR under Ur Line-Up in a Showdown match. Or how players can acquire every hyper OVR player from a set, before I can acquire a single player. I havent gained 1 Pantheon set, yet Ive seen a few user in Showdown Top 200 have James Harden pantheon set master platinum 105ovr. With 100+ in nearly all 16 different abilities...

    We can only hope this season coming is better in every possible bit of the game.

    NOT $$$...
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